TAKE CONTROL & EMPOWER YOURSELF - Learn how to build a professional Wordpress Website within a day...

Do you know how to create a website,  how to rapidly make changes & power up it's functionality with drag & drop ease & enhance it's search engine discoverabilty?

Being able to do so is one of the single most empowering skill-sets you can acquire...with the ability to connect you & any product or service with 1000's around the world, save you £1000's on developers & potentially make £1000's.

Don't get left behind - Take Control & learn these essential & hugely in-demand & transferable skills.

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Why Use Wordpress?

A few of this courses features...

Learn everything you need to get started building your very own Wordpress website. This easy to follow step-by-step course will show you how to get your own WP website set up and published quickly. You will learn how to create professional looking websites, without hiring a designer or having to ‘code’.

Create a Pro Wordpress Website from scratch

Use this text to describe your feature in detail. Visitors enjoy reading well written, descriptive copy about specific features of your product.


Customise Pages & Posts with Drag & Drop Ease

Your going to learn about a little known tool which gives you powerful, drag & drop functionality to every page & post.


Discover how to boost your site with FREE tools

Learn about the best plugins (apps) which will supercharge your site, from Search Engine Rankings & Security to Site Speed & Galleries.


Freedom & flexbility - essential, transferable skills

EVERY person & business can benefit from a good website. Understanding this will give you skills which will open doors of opportunity.


Save £1000's / Get Paid for this in-demand ability

With 4 billion new internet users over the next 3 years there's never been a bigger demand for web-creation services offering your skills.


Watch & learn on any device, 24/7/365

Total ease of use. Follow the tutorials in sequential order or jump to what you want. Change playback speed & save time.


See what you'll learn below...


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COURSE CONTENTS - You're just 2 clicks & less than a minute away from accessing all of this

You're about to get the fast-track on Wordpress Website Creation. From scratch through to advanced (but simple to apply) functionality. In addition to everything below, the course will be regularly updated based upon new discoveries, developments & feedback!

- Accelerated Learning Tip: Save time & Learn Quicker (plus how to use the video player)

- The 3 essential building blocks to any website

- A critical pitfall to avoid with domain registery & hosting

- Key Step 1: How & where to search & register your domain web address (your website URL)

- Key Step 2: Where to get your web hosting with superior service (& also potentially save £100's)

- Bonus Tip - how you can make money from your hosting account

- Time Saving Bonus: An essential password storage & security tip - link to a FREE resource

- What if you already have hosting (or domain) & want to move either?

- Key Step 3 - How to easily connect your domain name with your hosting account (changing DNS)

- How to log into your hosting cPanel (Control Panel) where you AddOn Domains & Install Wordpress

- Key Step 4 - How to add your domain to your hosting account so that domain & hosting are linked

- Key Step 5 - Easily installing your Wordpress Website



INSIDE WORDPRESS - The Dashboard, Adding Pages, Posts, Menus & Game Changing Drag & Drop Editor

- Understanding the Wordpress dashboard - a quick look under the bonnet

- How to instantly change the look & feel of your site - the world of Wordpress Themes

- Wordpress Pages - The difference to posts & how to create, edit, add titles, text links & media

- How to create & add a post

- How to increase clickthroughs by setting a featured image for Posts (& Pages) - good practice

- How to rapidly add functionality to your Post sidebars using Widgets

- Creating menus - how to add pages, content & structure to your menus

- The game changing free tool which allows drag & drop design for posts & pages


Developing & Customising The Elements On Your Wordpress Front Page

- Easily add customise & add sections to your front page - Features & Benefits sections, Your Team & Showcasing Testimonials

- Customising your front page - how to add client logos & other elements

- Developing your front page - adding a contact form in just a few clicks. Easy!



ADDING ELEMENTS & FUNCTIONALITY To Your Pages & Posts with Drag & Drop Ease

- How to switch between EASY DRAG & DROP EDITOR window & traditional Wordpress editor window

- How to easily add COLUMNS, HEADINGS, TEXT & IMAGES to your posts & pages

- Highlight key content with FEATURES, BENEFITS OR ICON BOXES

- 3 different ways to display & reveal text on any page or post using TOGGLES, ACCORDIANS & TABS

- How to easily ADD VIDEOS to your pages & posts - self hosted or from YouTube or similar!

- Break up the page & bring content or numbers to life with PROGRESS BARS & COUNTERS

- How to add TEXT & VIDEO TESTIMONIALS to add social proof & increase business

- How to easily discover & ADD AUDIO to pages or posts & your role as a curator as well as creator

- How to easily add SHORT CODE & a CONTACT FORM to any page or post

- Show your readers a location - how to add Google Maps into any post or page. EASILY!

- How to add a PayPal payment button to your website


POWERING UP YOUR WEBSITES- Some of the Most Powerful Free Plugins (apps) to Greatly Enhance Your site's Functionality

- Adding functionality to your site with Plugins-how to discover & instal. Broken link checker example

- Your Website Insurance - How to backup your website & protect against damage, cyber-attack or loss

- Help people to share your content by adding Social Share icons on all pages & posts

- How to discover, add, install & activate (or deactivate or delete) a plugin

- How to automatically help the search engines index your site with sitemaps

- How to add a professional image slider & gallery to your site

- How to easily speed up your Website load time & performance

- A powerful free tool to help the Search Engines discover your website, pages & posts

- How to use a super-powerful Search Engine Optimisation plugin

- How to add extra security to your website

- Monitor Visitor Behaviour - How to install Google Analytics on your website

- How to create a Google Analytics account to measure key performance indicators


HOUSEKEEPING - key settings to understand & use to your advantage

- How to quickly change user passwords & logins

- How to easily add your team of Users & Contributors, their different permissions & settings

- How to easily improve your URLs & make them match your page or post name

- How to check how your pages & posts look on different devices

- How to change your site title - the name showing at the top of your Wordpress Website (not the URL)

- Resources




SAVE MONEY! Think about it - what would it cost you if you DON'T know this?

Understanding how to create & develop a powerful Wordpress Website will potentially save you £1000's. Here's just a few of the savings...

SAVE on developer & design costs

How much would a designer & web developer charge you? Even if you use one, knowing questions to ask & demonstrating this knowledge will prevent having the wool pulled over your eyes & save ££££'s


SAVE on ability to adapt & speed of implementation

Time is our most valuable resource & how we spend it determines our happiness & wealth. Act on your ideas instantly, create a site or make amendments in moments.


Simplicity - No expensive & consuming HTML or Coding

You've never had it so good. You don't need to spend time or money on complicated coding or HTML. Learn how to develop stylish pages & posts with drag & drop ease & speed.


SAVE on hosting & domain prices & support

Learn where you can domain names & hosting at the best prices & where you can get free, invaluable live support. And how you can make money from your hosting!


SAVE on web essentials - security, SEO, design

Learn where to access & implement the top plugins (apps / tools) which will give your sites greatly enhanced functionality - most of these are free!


SAVE on course fees, travel, food & accomodation

Watch, learn & implement from anywhere in the world at any time. Not only is this course amazing value compared to many but you also save on travel & accommodation.


Why Choose This Training?

Step-by-step online videos

- Watch & learn anytime - 24 / 7 / 365
- Access on any device - computers, tablets, mobiles
- Save £1000's on developer, hosting, & added functionality costs
- Have your very own professional website by the end of the course
- Learn how to develop customised Wordpress pages & posts full of functionality with drag & drop ease
- Expert trainer who's trained 1,000's of people of all ages, backgrounds & abilities across 4 continents
- Regularly updated content
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Take a peak under the bonnet!

Each one of these is a step by step video tutorial. You can dive straight into the content you want or you can watch sequentially...

This online course is for you if...

  1. You want one of the most in demand, liberating & transferable skill-sets.
  2. You're looking for a new or additional income stream through creating websites
  3. You want to save £1,000's by adding powerful & essential website functionality
  4. You want to build websites using Google's platform of choice & freely available tools
  5. You want to save being ripped off by unscrupulous web developers & marketers
  6. You want to benefit from being able to instantly make all changes & additions to your site
  7. You are new to Wordpress, but looking for a step by step guide to creating and managing professional websites for yourself or clients & to get paid well for these skills
  8. You know WordPress, but need a deeper understanding of how the parts fit together
YES PLEASE - Introductory Half Price Offer - Just £47 - CLICK HERE


Just a handful of reasons you should give yourself the gift of this training...

FAST TRACK - learn in hours what many have taken months or years to discover & learn. Get the results of industry leaders & save time, energy, stress & £1000's 

A LEADER, IN THE MINORITY - you’ll be one of the top few percent who actually understand how easy it is to all of this...not playing catch up in months & years to come.

EMPOWERED - you’ll know how to create all types of professional websites to engage with your audience, add value for them & increase your business & impact.

SAVE £1000’s - no need to spend £1,000’s on Web designers & programmers

HIGHLY IN DEMAND & TRANSFERABLE SKILLSET - whether for a business, project, job or charity the skills you'll learn are 100% transferrable and hugely valuable. Understanding how to make multiple video types can make you hugely desirable in today's work environment.  If you work for someone else, this training will upskill you with some of the most valuable abilities & expertise, making you much more important as an employee & able to bring more relevant & practical skills to your organisation.

RESPECTED, INDUSTRY LEADING TRAINING - don't take our word for it, Ben has trained all over the world with people of all ages, abilities & cultures. We pride ourselves on making training fun, insightful, easy to follow & packed full of high value content that respects your time.

MAKE MONEY OFFERING AS A SERVICE - every single business can benefit from an up to date, professional website packed with functionality. Unfortunately most businesses have no idea of either the opportunities & potential uses or how to create them. As a result there is a huge demand for these skills & this knowledge & many people are making good income by offering their Wordpress Web skills as an in demand business solution.

ZERO RISK - We know you may have reservations so here's the deal...we take the risk. Try out the training & if it's not everything we say then take advantage of our money back guarantee. Nobody's ever taken it, but it's there for you. The risk is all ours!


Feedback - what people say...

Please don't take our word for it. See what 100's of other people just like yourself say about their decision to learn with Ben & his team.



Of course we're going to give you some, because we all love them!

Bonus - FREE Course Updates

The course will be updated with new content including discoveries, tools, & plugins, helping to keep you ahead of the curve.


Bonus - Accelerated Learning Tips

Time if your most valuable asset. Fact! Every moment spent is gone for ever. Learn how you can easily speed up your learning process & gain back valuable time.


Bonus - Free Online Password Storage

Learn about the esteemed free online password storage platform which we swear by.

This will free up valuable mental space & save you time by easily accessing any of your logins anytime.


Bonus - 101 Ways to Use Online Video

It's essential & liberating to be able to create & manage websites. However, take it further & learn how you can easily tap into the huge opportunities of the online video explosion with a free digital copy of this pioneering book.


Meet your trainer...

Ben Brophy

Ben founded The Online Video Academy to create a platform which will share training & knowledge from respected experts with the vision to enhance lives, empower businesses & elevate well-being. 

Ben's passion & purpose is to assist people, which he’s been able to do all over the world, through various platforms: working with charities & NPO's, writing for magazines, co-authoring books, creating content for websites, speaking at leading international business shows, working with underprivileged youth, running Government Pilot Schemes, ranking multiple content, people & sites at the top of both Google & YouTube, creating online & offline courses & assisting clients to achieve millions of views on platforms.

He’s worked alongside some of the world’s best within their respective fields including Dr Menis Yousry, Simon Coulson, Danny Rampling, The European Business Show, The Essence Foundation, Southport Weekender, HayHouse Publishers & youth development organisations such as Raleigh International, Project Peru & Amoria Bond Charitable Trust.

As a lead trainer for the UK’s Internet Business School he’s trained & coached thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners alongside other leading experts within their niches, teaching cutting edge strategies & tactics.

He co-authored the Diploma in Internet Marketing modules - a nationally recognised qualification accredited by both Continuing Professional Development (CPD) & NCFE - an Investing In Quality (IIQ) centre which provides assurance that both content & delivery are of the highest standards whilst giving formal recognition to the courses.

He is (semi-mockingly but endearingly) nicknamed 'Mr V' by peers & colleagues for his genuine desire to consistently deliver as much value as possible for those he interacts with. He enjoys sharing insights & ideas to help improve people's lives, in his down to earth, approachable & friendly manner. 


Essential questions to ask about your decision to invest in yourself...

1. What will be my return on investment - will I get more value than what I pay for?
2. Can I apply & profit from the information immediately?
3. Is this skill set essential & totally relevant?
4. What is the value of my time if I was to try and figure this all out myself....if indeed I could?
5. How many more prospects, leads, customers, contacts or sales do I need to get to cover my one off investment?


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ZERO RISK - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Everything to Gain.

We fully stand behind our training & want you to experience ZERO RISK when choosing us. We offer a no-questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee if you decide the program is not right for you. If you're physically attending this course if by lunchtime you don't feel it's what's promised you can leave & get a full refund. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain. Join us....


What delegates say

Don't take our word for it. We have 100's of feedback such as the following small selection...


Frequenly Asked Questions

1. Will this save me time & money?
ABSOLUTELY. All our training is created to save you months or years of time - to rapidly fast-track both your learning & your results. We share the best & most important tips, tricks & info. Life's too short to try & figure it all out yourself. Work smart!

2. What will be my return on investment?
A good business question & decision to ask is "Will I get a positive return on investment?" and the answer is absolutely, undoubtedly. How much simply comes down to how much you apply what you learn. You will not only save yourself potentially months (or years) of learning (place a value on what that is worth to you) but on the ability to create, modify & power websites for yourself or clients.

3. Why have you made this training so affordable?
Part of our purpose & mission is to help make important, (potentially) life-changing education available to many, not exclusively for people with deep pockets. We appreciate the current economic circumstances many people find themselves in & want to provide amazing value which can help transform & elevate their situation. Despite this training being worth 10 times the amount we'd rather impact more lives & deliver excellent value.

Also you can help us to keep the training prices affordable by tagging or sharing with people you know can benefit. This helps us save advertising & marketing costs which we can then pass back to you, with gratitude.

4. Will this introductory special offer last?
No, the whole point is to give you amazing value & a great price as a thank you for helping us to launch & share this brand new workshop.

5. What makes this a great choice for training?
We have over a decade of experience training all over the world, at leading international business shows, for private clients, 1000's of business owners, co-authoring & delivering nationally accredited (NCFE) Diploma courses & writing & publishing books, videos & content. We are constantly upskilling, testing & learning to stay abreast of the latest developments so that we can pass this onto you & we have literally 100's of testimonials from delighted clients.

6. I'm not sure if I'm ready?
If you hear yourself saying "I'm not ready" please note that it's possible you need this more than anyone. These skills are absolutely essential and if you're about to procrastinate you'll be playing catch up in months or years to come. What's the cost in lost opportunity whilst others race ahead with these skills. You are ready. If we do the same things, we get the same results!

7. I'm not techy enough to do it?
The whole workshop has been created in an extremely simple, step by step process which anyone can follow.

13. What if I’m not good with technology?
Many of our students don't class themselves as being good with technology.

The few technical bits are described in very simple terms while avoiding unnecessary jargon, which allows people from all age groups & of all abilities to successfully learn.

Everything is screen recorded so you can playback at your chosen speed & play & pause as required.

Ben has worked around the world with people of all ages, cultures & abilities. One thing he makes sure is that instructions & tutorials are clear, easy to follow & logically structured. Too many courses & instructors go from A to E missing out critical steps (such as C & D) because they assume the student knows the missing steps. We give you all the steps & there'll be a bonus evening drinks sessions for anyone who wants to stay, ask questions & network into the night.

8. What are your values?
We believe in delivering world class content for amazing value which will significantly improve lives & businesses & leave the world a better place. We actively support many charities & non-profit initiatives and our overriding ethos is to leave the world a little better by helping individuals & businesses short-cut their time to increased results, happiness & purpose.

9. Do I need special software to access the training?
No, all you need for this online training is a device with an Internet connection and a web browser.

10. How do I contact support?
Please e-mail our support: [email protected]

11. Do you have an affiliate scheme & can I be paid for sharing your training?
Absolutely. We believe in win/win/win business. We want to help more people, and if you can promote & share our training with others then we are more than happy to pay you for any customers you introduce us to. Simply sign up as a partner (affiliate) by following the AFFILIATE link at the top of this page & you will get your own unique link to share (& track).

12. Do you offer a guarantee?
Of course, there is ZERO risk for yourself as we stand fully behind every training course we provide with our 30 day money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose & everything to gain! Access the training right now!

13. What are the payment methods available?                                          
We accept all major credit & debit cards.

14. Is it safe to pay by credit card online?
We use industry-standard encryption to protect your credit card details throughout the checkout process. Your information is never shared with anyone, and we can’t even see your credit card details ourselves. That’s because we take your online security extremely seriously.

And of course, you're also protected by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


A small selection of feedback...

“I wish I’d have met Ben years ago. He’d have saved me so much!"

“It was brilliant”

“After this workshop I think I can increase my business 400%. That’s the great value of this workshop."

“My head is full of so many great ideas & initiatives”

“I just know this is going to help take my business to where I want it to be”

“If you haven’t made the decision already….come & see Ben. Brilliant!”

“A phenomenal day’s training”

“Really learning about the leading edge of internet marketing”

“You come away with SO much”

“It’s opened up a whole new world”

“I coach in the Premier League - players, teams - all sorts of different levels, whether it’s entrepreneurs or established CEO’s, so learning this applies to the whole range of clients & possibilities - so that’s fantastic!”

“To me as a coach, it’s also where Ben is coming from when he’s training. This guy really cares that the people in his classroom GET this information. So it’s not just that it’s delivered with a huge amount of consideration towards the end product but it’s also delivered with an absolute commitment that each individual really does get the best from it….and the combination of those two makes this unbeatable. I THOROUGHLY, thoroughly recommend it!”

“I have met very few people who gives as abundantly as Ben does.”

“Nobody has ever explained how to upload, download, create videos as well as Ben has. I highly recommend his courses.”

“I know very little about internet & technology. Somehow I fell into this workshop & now the internet world is no longer crazy to me”

“I thought I knew a lot before for my small business - I thought that I had it pretty well nailed but I realised I’m way behind the game & I’m really looking forward to implementing now what Ben’s told us, which is just numerous amounts of new, valuable information. I can’t wait to put it into practice.”

“Amazing amounts of content. So useful. Really practical. Full of loads of websites which can surround yourself with the right tools to do whatever you want, with video for next to nothing, whether it’s animated video, enhancing Facebook Live or whatever you need to do, Ben got it nailed.”

"Ben is an expert in his field - he is extremely generous in sharing all his vast knowledge, experience and expertise.

Whether you want to grow your business and need help with the minefield of all the different strategies, platforms, getting your self known, producing videos and audios or -  all the other things you know you need to do and all the things you don't know, you don't  know....well Ben knows!

He is an excellent coach and has an amazing ability to get you moving forward in your business by concentrating on what you really need to do right now as well as understanding the bigger picture.

He helps you to grow into your potential. He will show you, explain it and you end up being able to do it and do it well! All down to his calm professionalism. He has so many strengths and this he passes on to us, his customers.

I owe Ben a lot and I am very grateful for the increase in my confidence and expertise which is now bringing me the success I am after. I highly recommend you seek Ben's invaluable coaching services if you are serious about improving your business and soon! Thank you Ben."


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"A great day full of amazing ‘discoveries’ in the world of online video. A tremendous return on investment."

Russ Chapman

"I am absolutely amazed with the content, information & tips provide by Ben on this course - plus we had interaction, shared information, set backs & also success & pointers on how to improve, improvise, adapt, change & most our personal goals. I can put my hand on my heart to say that Ben Brophy is a human being who cares for the success of others. You have delivered above & beyond what you have said - I am proud to be part of this community."

Ranjiv Lal

"I don’t think you could add more value as for me it was excellent value for money. Ben has an amazing & simple delivery of his course. Taking you along step-by-step at comfortable pace. He allowed plenty of time for people to contribute & involved everyone too. He is genuinely interested in you & in supporting & helping you grow. Massive thank you Ben for your amazing work. "

David Loney
Author / Professional Photographer

"Ben is down to earth and easy to get on with which makes him very approachable in moments where you may be unsure and need to ask questions. His delivery on any topic is very easy to understand and it is quite clear he loves people and loves helping in what ever way he can. Ben makes sense and over delivers with his knowledge. If you want to learn from someone who is easy to get on with and speaks lay mans language then Ben is the one to look for. I recently attended a video marketing workshop in London and as usual Ben delivered a great workshop and I left fully understanding everything easily. "

Frank Duxbury
CEO, Duxbury Garden Centre

"Video Marketing Fast Track is a brilliant course! I went into it with a good knowledge of how to create a video, but wanted to learn more about how to attract more customers, and to get my videos ranked on YouTube. I came away with an extensive knowledge of everything that I wanted to get out of the course. I also picked up some quick tips that I can add to my work in video to improve it. This course is bursting at the seams with insider info. I would recommend this to anyone. Ben is a fantastic teacher and is always open to ideas of how he can improve and learn himself, which is a brilliant quality to have. He is happy to listen to anyone and always celebrates the small wins. Thank you for a brilliant day!"

Emily Payne
Children's Author / Poet

"Attending the 1 day course with Ben Brophy and it was worth every penny. It gave me the tools to learn how to engage with customers eventually leading to sales. I would HIGHLY recommend for anyone interested in learning more about video marketing, ideal for beginners or experienced video marketers."

Kemi Laniyan

"Ben is a very knowledgeable & generous leader in the field of video marketing. Ben’s practical yet business minded insight & sharing is invaluable for anyone in the business or internet marketing arena."

Mojgan Faratin

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Enjoy, with our compliments.

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