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The playing field is finally being levelled. The size of the screen is the same for every person & business which means you can play the same game as the heavy-hitters - now that you're about to learn the tools they use!


They don't want you to know this!

The tools in this training can help transform any business. Top agencies & marketing insiders don't want you to know about these tools they are charging £1,000's for! See some of the brands using these tools below...


The ESSENTIAL video creation toolkit

Never before has the lid been lifted & the magic revealed. Rapidly understand how, what & where you can easily make professional videos in many different styles & where you can access tons of resources for free.


Save 1000's - easily create multiple types of pro videos / this is for...

As featured / used by.....

You're about to save £1000's & years of time by discovering the secret, fast and easy to use ninja video tools featured & successfully used by the top marketing agencies, professionals, insiders, influencers & established industry leaders including...

Feedback on this training...

7 reasons you need to embrace video...

1. More than 55% of people watch videos online every day - you need to be in the mix!

2. Within 2 years video will be responsible for four-fifths of all global Internet traffic

3. Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by over 80%

4. After watching a video 64% of viewers are more likely to purchase a product

5. 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others

6. 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text

7. Businesses & marketers who use video:

- receive >41% more web traffic from search than non-users (Vidyard)

- grow revenue >49% faster than non-video users (Vidyard)


There is only UPSIDE to learning these skills...


Just a handful of reasons you should give yourself the gift of this training...

FAST TRACK - learn in hours what others (myself included) have taken years to discover & learn. Get the results of top marketing agencies, industry leaders, influencers & save time, energy, stress & £1000's in the process.

BE A LEADER - you’ll be in the one percent who actually understand how important & easy it is to create various types of professional videos...and not playing catch up in months & years to come.

EMPOWERED - you’ll know how to create multiple types of videos to engage with your audience, add value for them & increase your business, reach, influence, impact & income.

SAVE £1000’s - no need to spend £1,000’s on video editors, teams & expensive kit or programs.

AHEAD OF THE CURVE - take advantage of being at the front of your industry by putting video to work for you in multiple different ways.

HIGHLY IN DEMAND & TRANSFERABLE SKILLSET - whether for a business, project, job or charity the skills you'll learn are 100% transferrable and hugely valuable. Understanding dozens of ways that video can be used to grow a business PLUS understanding how to make multiple video types can make you hugely desirable in today's work environment.  If you work for someone else, this training will upskill you with some of the most valuable abilities & expertise, making you much more important as an employee & able to bring more relevant & practical skills to your organisation.

RESPECTED, INDUSTRY LEADING TRAINING - don't take our word for it, Ben has trained all over the world with people of all ages, abilities & cultures. We pride ourselves on making training fun, insightful, easy to follow & packed full of high value content that respects your time & will help you get results. See some of the feedback below.

OPPORTUNITY - MAKE GOOD MONEY OFFERING VIDEO AS A SERVICE - every single business can benefit from video. Unfortunately most businesses & even marketing teams have no idea of either the wide range of opportunities, the diverse array of potential uses or how to create the various types of videos. As a result there is a huge demand for these skills & this knowledge. Therefore many people are making good income by offering their video marketing skills as an in demand business solution.

ZERO RISK - We know you may have reservations so here's the deal...we take the risk. Try out the training & if it's not everything we say then take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee. Nobody's ever taken it, but it's there for you. The risk is all ours!



You can see 100's more testimonials for Ben Brophy's training by clicking here


"This online course is full of amazing hints, tips, tools & training. I'm amazed at how quickly, easily & 'cheaply' you can create a variety of videos for use in business. This course covers so much content. All of it user friendly. All of it instantly actionable (which is so rare these days). A must-have for anyone who is serious about growing their business in today's digital age. "

Trish McGirr
Owner, 'Come On Homes'

"Thank you so much for all of the exceptional training content and support you have given us. It has been incredibly powerful, opened our eyes to possibilities & we have found it all extremely practical & useful. "

Richard Peutherer
CEO, Inspired Equity

"Gold, gold, and more gold ... is the only way to describe Ben Brophy's Online Video Academy Video Marketing FastTrack Workshop. This course is impressively packed with content which is delivered in a way even those technically-challenged would find easy-to-follow and practical. Having been on a number of similar courses recently, I can easily say it is exceptional value for money and absolutely AWE-AND-THEN-SOME! Thank you Ben, for sharing your expertise, experience and energy! "

Stefania Giangregorio
- Personal Development & Business Growth Consultant

"I thought I knew a lot before for my small business - I thought that I had it pretty well nailed but I realised I’m way behind the game & I’m really looking forward to implementing now what Ben’s told us, which is just numerous amounts of new, valuable information. I can’t wait to put it into practice."

"I've just come off a coaching call with Ben, and the amount of content and tips he shares is completely amazing. Its delivered with such enthusiasm and commitment to both the business side and the creative process (for both you and your clients perspective), that all you can see is possibilities to grow your business and add massive value and services to the task at hand as well additional services to my clients, thanks Ben."

James Woods

"Thanks Ben for all your coaching, content and support at the course. We really found it extremely useful. We thought you were highly professional, empathic and had a genuine desire for people to succeed; which in contrast to recent experiences was really refreshing and reassuring. Your personal style is endearing and your passion to support others comes across in your delivery. "

Preith Kaur

"I know very little about internet & technology. Somehow I fell into this workshop & now the internet world is no longer crazy to me."

"Nobody has ever explained how to upload, download, create videos as well as Ben has. I highly recommend his courses."

"I have met very few people who gives as abundantly as Ben does."

"I'm so grateful for my last minute decision to change onto the Internet Business School at a recent event. I feel like it was divine intervention. As I would not have come across Ben Brophy & The Online Video Academy. If you are researching as to whether you should consider attending any of their courses, I would advise just do it. What Ben teaches you is Gold and you get over & above what you have invested. This course has been my best investment to date. Thank you."

Lisa Marsh

"I coach in the Premier League - players, teams - all sorts of different levels, whether it’s entrepreneurs or established CEO’s, so learning this applies to the whole range of clients & possibilities - so that’s fantastic! To me as a coach, it’s also where Ben is coming from when he’s training. This guy really cares that the people in his classroom GET this information. So it’s not just that it’s delivered with a huge amount of consideration towards the end product but it’s also delivered with an absolute commitment that each individual really does get the best from it….and the combination of those two makes this unbeatable. I THOROUGHLY, thoroughly recommend it!"

Paul Hornsey-Pennell
Premiere League Coach & Consultant

"I wish I’d have met Ben years ago. He’d have saved me so much! "

"After this workshop I think I can increase my business 400%. That’s the great value of this workshop."

"You come away with SO much - it’s opened up a whole new world"

"A phenomenal day’s training - really learning about the leading edge of internet marketing"

"I just know this is going to help take my business to where I want it to be.If you haven’t made the decision already….come & see Ben. Brilliant!"

"After this workshop I think I can increase my business 400%. That’s the great value of this workshop. My head is full of so many great ideas & initiatives"

"I've been using The Online Video Academy & it's packed with such quality information whicht I'm now applying to my business. Online video is beyond a doubt the way forward when it comes to building your online business. Ben's simple, easy to follow & engaging videos are amazing! Thanks Ben."

Jerry Frempong
Director, CV London

Enjoy instant access - what you will learn

We're literally giving you this gold as a very special introductory offer before prices permanently go up. There are 4 options to suit every pocket & ambition...

BLACK BELT Essentials



- The easiest way to get customer video testimonials for your business

- The award winning insider top tool, make videos as if with a pro director

- Professional tutorials, screen recording & slides in a couple of minutes

- Foolproof, pro videos & web pages with FREE royalty free imagery in moments

- How to make clickable, shoppable & interactive videos for both your site & social media

- The award winning cloud editing tool & app that makes creating videos fun & easy...with the ability to collaborate remotely

- Drag & drop videos & presentations designed, scripted & ready in minutes

- How to engage your audience, add character & personalise with a leading animation tool

- Whiteboard animation sales & explainer videos by marketing specialists who understand stories, sales & conversions

- The easy to use whiteboard animation software used by BBC, Sky, ITV & NHS

- The cost effective hub where you can find 1000's of editors, animators videographers & directors who want to work on your project

Amazing new tool & a very quick win - create a pro video in 10 minutes

- The award winning insider top tool, make videos as if with a pro director

- Make outstanding social videos in minutes with this smart video editor

- The award winning cloud editing tool that makes creating videos fun & easy

- The Leading Screenrecording Tool for Mac - also a Stand Alone Video Editor

- How to record your screen, do screencapture tutorials & a top video editor with tutorials

- Ninja animation tools to create various types of pro videos easily

- Create kinetic text & amazing animated videos in just a few steps

- Engage your audience, add character & personalise with this animation tool

- Drag & drop videos & presentations designed, scripted & ready in minutes

- Affordable, engaging animated videos in minutes (at 10% of the cost)

- Insider resources to instantly access 10000s of creators, footage & training

- An insiders resource for free tip on video equipment, lighting & technique

- Where to get top video creation, best practice tips for free

- The best video editing apps for Android & how to stay up to date

- The best & latest iOS video apps for iPhone, iPads & Apple devices

- How to create, edit & share videos on iPhone with the iMovie app

Black Belt Instant Access - Access Now - Click Here

NINJA Video Marketer



You get EVERYTHING that is in the BLACK BELT Essentials Package PLUS THE FOLLOWING EXTRAS:

- Go From a Script To Video In Seconds - turn text into a Pro Video Rapidly

- Under the bonnet, step by step how to easily make pro videos in minutes with an award winning tool

- How to make stunning Pixar & Dreamworks style video animations of ANY face

- The #1 interactive video technology used by world leaders - the future!

- The animation tool that has saved $600k & increased video shares by 375%

- The new Super Media platform to easily integrate any media into animation

- Where to get animated logos, intros & outros for the price of a coffee

- Create any kind of video - access to over 12,000 creators in over 100 countries

- The ninja resources to access over 5.5 million professional video clips

- How to get videos filmed & edited for FREE & get help with your projects

- Treasure troves packed with stunning royalty free images & videos

- The goldmine of audio & music you can use for any video, podcast, website or digital asset

- The $1.99 video app which was used to help win an Oscar winning documentary

Ninja Video Marketer - Access Now - Click Here


2 x £197

2 x Monthly Payments


- Access to the secret, 100% legal resource which enables you to select  & use over 1.1 BILLION resources which you can use creatively &/or commercially - opied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon, all within the boundaries of copyright law Instant access to videos, photos, audio,  literary works, open education, scientific research and more!

- 1 x 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with Ben Brophy

- A ticket to an intimate 1 day training workshop of your choice with Ben Brophy  - valid for 24 months

- Video use checklist - leapfrog ahead of competitors & monitor your progress with this cheat-sheet, by prioritising & scheduling 101 potential video uses

- MP3 audios of each video so you can also listen

- Transcriptions of each video so you can read at your own leisure offline

- Master resource black-book - links to all the tools discussed

- Action & implementation check sheet to help ensure you make successful progress

- Access to the secret (unreleased to general public) resource where you can get get accurate transcriptions for just $0.10 cents per minute - enabling you to repurpose ANY video or audio into value added blog, web, product or sales content

- Where to discover a wealth of great free videos you can use for any niche or industry instantly

- How to get a spokesperson, talking head or face to camera video created quickly & for the price of a few coffees

- 2018's best video conferencing & webinar tools

Video Creation Elite Insider Access Now - Click Here

QUICK START: Local Business Video Marketing Agency



How to make money providing video services to businesses who need these essential skills.

You get EVERYTHING that is in the previous 3 packages PLUS:

- Training on the most important business principles of 'Optimisation' & how you can accelerate the business

- Tactics on how to win clients & start building your portfolio

- Tactics on how to minimise marketing costs & easily get clients referring you a steady stream of customers

- Dozens of ways you can:
-- increase the number of customers
-- increase the amount spent each time
-- increase the frequency of purchase

- How to get discovered

- How to easily increase your menu of services & potential income without needing to do extra work

- How to help add massive extra value to your clients quickly & easily without spending any money

- How to tap into the 2018 opportunity of getting your local business clients ranking on YouTube

- The best, quickest & cost effective resource to register a company & get a business address

- How to rapidly build your testimonials

- How to discover dorman opportunities & go deeper with clients

- Private coaching call with Ben Brophy

Local Business Video Marketing Agency - Access Now

ZERO RISK - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Everything to Gain.

We fully stand behind our training & want you to experience ZERO RISK when choosing us. We offer a no-questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee if you decide the program is not right for you. If you're physically attending this course if by lunchtime you don't feel it's what's promised you can leave & get a full refund. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain. Join us....



Of course we're going to give you some, because we all love them!

Bonus - 101 Ways to Use Online Video

You will receive Ben's new book '101 Ways to Grow Any Business Using Video' -  you'll get both the ebook & audio version. It will give you dozens of ways you can successfully & immediately put video to use


Bonus - YouTube & Video Checklists

Super simple guidesheets which you can use very quickly & easily to ensure you're doing the right things & avoiding the pitfalls & mistakes that most video creators & sharers use.




About your trainer, Ben Brophy

Ben is the founder of The Online Video Academy who's passion & purpose is to assist people & businesses (hence setting up this platform). He’s been able to do this all around the world, through various platforms: workshop creation & facilitation, working with charities & NPO's, writing for magazines, authoring & ghost writing books, creating content for websites, speaking at leading international business shows, working with underprivileged youth, running Government Pilot Schemes, ranking multiple content, people, videos & sites at the top of both Google & YouTube, creating online & offline courses & assisting clients to achieve millions of views on social platforms.

He’s worked alongside some of the world’s best within their respective fields including Dr Menis Yousry, Simon Coulson, Danny Rampling, The European Business Show, The Essence Foundation, Southport Weekender, HayHouse Publishers & youth development organisations such as Raleigh International, Project Peru & Amoria Bond Charitable Trust.

As a lead trainer for the UK’s Internet Business School he trained & coached thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners alongside other leading experts within their niches, teaching cutting edge strategies & tactics across four continents.

He co-authored the Diploma in Internet Marketing modules - a nationally recognised qualification accredited by both Continuing Professional Development (CPD) & NCFE - an Investing In Quality (IIQ) centre which provides assurance that both content & delivery are of the highest standards whilst giving formal recognition to the courses.

He enjoys sharing insights & ideas to help improve people's lives, in his down to earth, approachable & friendly manner, and is affectionately known as Mr.V by colleagues for his desire to always deliver as much value as possible.


Get instant access - I'd like to jump straight in

Gain instant access to learn the most powerful & important business & marketing skills anyone can have in 2018, fully backed with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Return on Investment - The questions to ask

What is the definition of a good business decision? One that gives a solid, positive return on investment in terms of both time, money & opportunity cost. Although we know one thousand per cent that this training is exceptional value for money, the questions you should be asking yourself as you decide to invest in this training should include:

- How much is one customer worth to you (what is their customer lifetime value? - Avg spend x number of purchases per year x number of years as a customer = Avg customer lifetime value)

- How many new customers would you need to acquire to recoup your nominal investment in this training - even from one single video (let alone from many) that you've had created using one of the shared tools or resources?

- Would you like a video to be working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year like a silent salesperson whom you don't have to pay?    Now multiply the potential of new customers, increased audience & awareness of your business or project, multiplied by dozens of potential professional videos working for you night & day.  What would be your return on investment?

- How much will you save by understanding the secret ninja video creation tools as used by top marketing & video agencies around the world - for which they charge leading brands & companies £1,000's to create?

- How much could you make if you wanted to offer video creation services to businesses - most whom have no idea about either the possibilities or how to create them. This is one of the biggest opportunities in 2018 as EVERY single business can benefit from video & there's a shortage of people offering video services.

- What is the opportunity cost to you, your business or project in lost traction, wasted time & competitors jumping in & learning about these tools ahead of you?

- What is the value of your time (or would you like it to be) and how much would it be worth in saved time to instantly learn about the secret tools it's taken years to unearth & discover?

- How much will these tools save you in fees from others charging you do create these types of videos....and even if you decide to get others to create videos you'll save yourself £1000's by knowing where to get them created & by speaking the video creators language which immediately reduces the price as they see you know the tools & what you're talking about.

- How will it feel to know that you are the master of your ship & have the ability to do this yourself, quickly & easily?

- If you work for somene else how much more valuable will you be as an employee knowing that you have acquired some of the most important tools & expertise in business in 2018?

- Would you like to get a promotion, new job or career utilising & sharing these skills, resources & tools within a company?

- What will change if you continue to do the same?

- If there was no risk would you invest in this training? We know you'll get a huge amount from this training just like the 1000's of private clients & workshop attendees we've shared with over the years. Rest assured there is only upside for you as we stand behind our 30 day money back guarantee.

1. What will be my return on investment - will I get more value than what I pay for?
2. Can I apply & profit from the information immediately?
3. Is this skill set essential & totally relevant?
4. What is the value of my time if I was to try and figure this all out myself....if indeed I could?
5. How many more prospects, leads, customers, contacts or sales do I need to get to cover my one off investment?


Frequenly Asked Questions

1. Will this save me time & money?
ABSOLUTELY. All our training is created to save you months or years of time - to fast-track your learning to fast-track your results. We share the best & most important tips, tricks & info.

2. What will be my return on investment?
A good business question & decision to ask is "Will I get a positive return on investment?" and the answer is absolutely, undoubtedly. How much simply comes down to how much you apply what you learn. You will not only save yourself potentially months (or years) of learning (place a value on what that is worth to you) but you will learn how you can increase each of the 3 factors that ANY business is built on: the number of customers, the amount they spend with you & the frequency they deal with you. It's down to you to then take action but ROI could

3. Why have you made this training so affordable?
Part of our purpose & mission is to help make important, (potentially) life-changing education available to many, not exclusively for people with deep pockets. We appreciate the current economic circumstances many people find themselves in & want to provide amazing value which can help transform & elevate their situation. Despite this training being worth 10 times the amount we'd rather impact more lives & deliver excellent value.

Also you can help us to keep the training prices affordable by tagging or sharing with people you know can benefit. This helps us save advertising & marketing costs which we can then pass back to you, with gratitude.

4. Will this introductory special offer last?
No, the whole point is to give you amazing value & a great price as a thank you for helping me launch & share this program.

5. What makes The Online Video Academy a great choice for training?
We have over a decade of experience training all over the world, at leading international business shows, for private clients, 1000's of business owners, co-authoring & delivering nationally accredited (NCFE) Diploma courses & writing & publishing books, videos & content. We are constantly upskilling, testing & learning to stay abreast of the latest developments so that we can pass this onto you & we have literally 100's of testimonials from delighted clients.

6. I'm not sure if I'm ready?
If you hear yourself saying "I'm not ready" please note that you need this more than anyone. These skills are absolutely essential and if you're about to procrastinate you'll be playing catch up in months or years to come. What's the cost in lost opportunity whilst others race ahead with these skills. You are ready. Now!

7. I'm not techy enough to do it?
The whole training has been created in an extremely simple, step by step process which anyone can follow.

Ben has worked around the world with people of all ages, cultures & abilities. One thing he makes sure is that instructions & tutorials are clear, easy to follow & logically structured. Too many courses & instructors go from A to E missing out critical steps (such as C & D) because they assume the student knows the missing steps. We give you every step in sequential order.

8. Do you have more courses & training?
Yes, we are in the process of creating loads of amazing content to share with you which will improve lives & businesses.

9. What are your values?
We believe in delivering world class content for amazing value which will significantly improve lives & businesses & leave the world a better place. We actively support many charities & non-profit initiatives and our overriding ethos is to leave the world a little better by helping individuals & businesses short-cut their time to increased results, happiness & purpose.

10. Do I need special software to access the training?
No, all you need for the online training is a device with an Internet connection and a web browser.

11. How do I contact support?
Please e-mail our support: [email protected]

12. What are the payment methods available?                                          
We accept all major debit and credit cards.

13. How do I access the training?
The entire course is delivered through our popular & very easy to use training site which is hosted on one of the world's leading training delivery platforms. As soon as you buy the training you will be sent your own, trackable unique user ID to log into the portal. You can be learning just moments from now!

13. Can I download the videos?
No, our online courses are streamed over the internet which you can come back and watch as many times as you like whenever you want.

14. Can I watch the videos on my phone, tablet &/or computer?
Yes you can access all content on a mobile device, tablet or computer. Total flexibilty, anytime!

15. Do you have an affiliate scheme & can I be paid for sharing your training?
Absolutely. We believe in win/win/win business. We want to help more people, and if you can promote & share our training with others then we are more than happy to pay you for any customers you introduce us to. Simply sign up to our affiliate scheme for free & you'll get a unique custom link which you can share & earn commission from.

16. Do you offer a guarantee?
Of course, there is ZERO risk for yourself as we stand fully behind every training course we provide with our 30 day money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose & everything to gain! Access the training right now!


The 7 Video Myths / Excuses!

DO NOT let ANY of these excuses hold you back....

Video Myth # 1: "Video isn't relevant to me, my business or project"

TRUTH: EVERY single person, project & business can benefit from using video, as I will share with you via the bonus gift of my new book 101 Ways to Use Online Video. If you truly don't know how you can benefit from video then you definitely need this training.


Video Myth # 2: "It's too difficult & complicated to make videos!"

TRUTH: Making videos has never been easier or more accessible. It's about knowing the simple tips, tools, resources & secrets. which you just moments away from   You're about to learn multiple ways you can easily create professional videos in moments.


Video Myth # 3: "I need to go in front of a camera."

Don't worry, you don't have to go in front of a camera to create video. Over 65% of people don't want to be in front of a camera. You're going to learn at least 15 ways to create a video without anyone being in it.


Video Myth # 4: "I'll need to hire & pay a small team of people to shoot my video!"

TRUTH: Thanks to digital technology you don't need a crew at all. Everything is at your fingertips...literally!


Video Myth # 5: "I don't have enough time to create & share videos."

TRUTH: Creating videos has never been faster or easier, especially with the available resources & the fact you have constant access to your phone & internet. You never don't have enough time, you have a lack of focussed priority or efficiency which means you need this training even more to help you LEVERAGE your efforts & free up your time. ANYONE can create multiple different types of professional videos.


Video Myth # 6: "I don't know how to edit OR I can't afford to hire an editor!"

TRUTH: All you need to do is be aware of a few key aspects and the tools available to you and you'll be able to easily create & share your own professional videos straight away!

Video Myth # 7: "I don't have the money to purchase an expensive camera!"

TRUTH: You don't even need a camera. Using a camera or smartphone are just a couple of ways of creating videos. There are numerous excellent tools which you're about to learn about that don't require any camera or filming.


Get instant access - if not now, when?

If you do the same things you get the same results! Let us give you a number of game-changing ideas & tools right now. Don't procrastinate & miss the opportunity to start benefitting immediately. You could have instant access to this training & be learning the most powerful, transferable & important business & marketing skills anyone can have in 2018, fully backed with our 30 day money back guarantee.

A peek under the bonnet

This training is delivered through the world's leading online course platform. Everything is very cleanly categorised & laid out. You can change the video playback speed to save you time (or slow it down), follow through in sequential order or jump to specific topics as you choose. There are some integrated follow up questions throughout to enhance your learning & you can access via any connected device.


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