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We have got literally 100's of testimonials from over the years from events, workshops, private clients & event attendees from all over the world.

Over the past decade Ben Brophy has had the privilege to work with, coach, support & train 1000's of people  around the world, of all ages, backgrounds & abilities.

Below is just a tiny selection of feedback. 

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All training is backed with a full money back guarantee. It's never been taken up, but rest assured the risk is on us, not you. 

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"I would like to add that this training was HUGE for me. The day course was absolutely first class; your style of presentation (for me because I have a logical brain and have to learn the sequence of something) was well planned, well set out and I love the interaction and Q&A. Also the length of time was spot on.   I am sincere when I say that you really give your clients value AND SOME.  I would like to continue working with you as and when."

- Christina McAnaspie

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"I wish I'd met Ben Brophy years ago. He'd have saved me SO much time & money!"

- Karmin Mikael - Coach, trainer & speaker


"Ben ensures you leave with trusted, up to date knowledge and information which you can put to use immediately. The time I have gained by accessing this training is simply priceless."

- Janette James - Professional Educational Trainer & Expert

"Overdelivered. Eye-opening. Easily the best investment in your digital growth. In easy to follow steps, you gain practical knowledge about the top tried-and-true tools available on the market, handed to you on a silver plate by an experienced and genuinely supportive coach who cares about your progress, granting you a competitive advantage and saving you months of pointless searching online."
- Dagmar Silma - International Project Co-Ordinator


"Ben is an excellent and very talented trainer.  He is able to collate and communicate large pieces of material into chunks to enable learning of key concepts, as well as providing detail on those important points.  He double checks throughout the process to ensure that the concepts have been understood.      He also goes the extra mile by providing additional information to assist in empowering the student.  After my training with Ben, I always go away feeling like I have learnt a lot and received additional material which is crucial to my development but which was not expected.  Thank you Ben for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and for your patience; positivity and generosity."
- Sharon Robson - Lawyer - Educator

"Thank you once again Ben for making what was a daunting subject so easy & straight forward. Your passion for making sure students GET the content is evident. I didn't think I'd be able to create videos, podcasts or webpages. You proved me wrong. It's easy...WHEN you know how!"


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"What a brilliant days training. Without a doubt, you always give us 110% and plenty of extra little tips that come into your mind. I could see that people at the meeting were mind boggled with all the good stuff you were giving us.  

I feel you are one of the best lecturers I have come across in my 82 years of learning."

- John Lovett - Retired 82 Year Old

"I've really enjoyed the whole day and I've really learned so much. Beforehand I thought podcasting would be really difficult, but going through it all step by step, you've made it really easy to do & follow. So thank you very much, you give always more than a hundred percent - more like 200% value."

- Annabel Toal - Small Business Owner

"This training was simply fantastic! I am not a technical lady and am from France so was a little afraid when I jumped in the class but after those couple of hours spent with you and fellow class mates, I can tell that I am ready to do my first of many Podcasts and in addition of this, lots of ideas came when we were doing the practical and you were sharing extra bonuses & ideas.  I would definitely recommend your trainings. You are a fantastic teacher so thank you again for supporting us on our journey and accelerating our abilities."

- Vanessa Joly

"Very professional. Delivered an extraordinary volume of information & materials very professionally.

Authentic in their knowledge sharing  & the human factor abounds, great atmosphere, true learning environment, an exceptional exchange with like-minded people."

- Andrea Allen

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"A phenomenal days training. Ben really delivers exceptional value & knowledge. More importantly it's the genuine caring space he's coming from. He really wants you to get it. Superb & HIGHLY Recommended!"

- Paul Hornsey Pennell


"Most interesting & knowledgable. Very friendly, approachable & good engagement with students. Made it fun & time go fast. Also delivered a huge amount of bonus content!"


"My mind is open now for the possibility and opportunity to expand my business. I like the genuine care & all the detailed information and ninja tips we received."

- Dani Hicks

"What I love about Ben’s workshops is the way he is delivering the workshop. It is like a gift. He’s offering everything and making it so simple. I also like his strong ethics. It is always a pleasure to learn from him."

- Vanessa Joly Calpas

"Having attended a number of seminars and workshops, the one thing that separates Ben's is the quantity & quality of up to date content that is usable immediately."

- Ian Cocken


"Ben's enthusiasm and passion are very motivating and real. By the end of the day you know that he has give 120% of himself, and that his knowledge and hacks are the most up to date. You will have a wonderful day and the tools to needed to forge forwards on your journey."

- Annabel Toal

"I really admire Ben how he is trying to bring so much valuable content to his audience. He makes sure to help all participants with their issues and challenges and he left no unanswered questions. I definitely recommend his courses for every internet business. Because of his clear and right speeded English language I recommend his courses also non-UK citizens."

- Zelimir Pavlovic


"Fantastic content professionally delivered. This is a real eye opener for anyone interested in using video in their business."

- Russ Chapman

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"Ben certainly seems to put a lot of thought to helping others and ethical issues and seems like a genuinely compassionate person, something I have found to be quite rare in the area of business and marketing. Refreshing to see."

- Heidi

"The time just vanished. Can't remember last time I had so much fun on a training Course. Ben is Hugely generous with his time and knowledge and no UPSELL! Ben Thanks you so much for a brilliant day."

- Graham Clarke


"Ben is extremely generous with the knowledge he shares on this workshop. I was not prepared to experience such a vast array of valuable and practical content. Ben ensures you leave with trusted, up to date knowledge and information which you can put to use immediately. The time I have gained by attending this workshop is simply priceless."

- Janette James


"Overdelivered. Eye-opening. Easily the best investment in your digital growth. In easy to follow steps, you gain practical knowledge about the top tried-and-true tools available on the market, handed to you on a silver plate by an experienced and genuinely supportive coach who cares about your progress, granting you a competitive advantage and saving you months of pointless searching online. Thank you, Ben!"

- Dagmar Silna

"Ben delivers information with passion and authenticity and gives much more than he needs too. This is then followed by a few follow up webinar sessions. I highly recommend Ben!"

Pam Lazano

"I have never found anyone with so much knowledge about his profession, Your enthusiasm is brilliant. With so much given in just one day. You cannot come away from his course and say you didn't learn anything. There is so much to learn from Ben and we are very lucky to have someone to share his knowledge and know how. Thank you Ben you have changed my life the way that I do things, and hope to use what you gave me just in one day. Look forward to your next course. God bless"

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"Hi Ben. What a great day last week. Without a doubt, you give us 110% with your webinars. With plenty of little tips that come into your mind. I could see that people at the meeting was mind boggled with the good stuff you were giving us.  Wish that I was 50-60 years younger. I had to drive all over the country to learn things, buy now you can contact people with the internet. Great stuff Ben. Have a good trip, You said you would be away for a while, well they are in for a treat. I feel you are one of the best lecturers I have come across in my 82 years of learning. Good luck, God bless & Stay save. Kind regards John Lovett"

"I have done a course with Ben and with others. I now believe Ben's content, delivery and attention to detail sets him apart from others. I am now looking to extend my education on additional courses.

Ben brings this subject to life and has good insight and integrity. I will continue to learn with him."

- Bridget Convey


"Ben's positive mindset is contageous, and sends all attendees of his course back home with a "can do!" attitude, which is priceless! He always focusses on the positive learnings, making our failures less fearsome, as they all contain a lesson that'll make us better and more resilient to embrace our future. Thanks Ben!"

- Ina Ballik


"I really enjoyed the course and it has given me directi"on on where to go next. All the marketing training had started to all fall into place and I am clearer about what I can offer. The session at the end was good too. Is nice to hear other people's ideas and get more tips."

- Shakira Jacobs

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"This was a most informative day- high quality content delivered in a supportive learning atmosphere.As a result I now feel ready to take next steps both on curatiing videos and making them Huge thanks to Ben and the team!"

- Heather Fitton

"An absolutely brilliant course and what an amazing trainer. Ben Brophy is one of the most inspirational, motivational and empowering trainers I have come across. Before i came to the course i was clueless on how to make videos but Ben delivered such detailed and thorough content that he simplified the whole process for me. Ben is a giver who wants to pass on his knowledge to others and this was truly reflected in the detailed content he delivered to us. He didn't hold back on sharing his knowledge, ideas, tips and tools to create and edit professional videos. i would highly recommend Ben Brophys video Marketing course - you wont be disappointed!"

- Najma Akhtar


"Gold, gold, and more gold ... is the only way to describe Ben Brophy's Online Video Academy 1-day Video Marketing FastTrack Workshop. This course is impressively packed with content which is delivered in a way even those technically-challenged would find easy-to-follow and practical. Having been on a number of similar courses recently, I can easily say it is exceptional value for money and absolutely AWE-AND-THEN-SOME! Thank you Ben, for sharing your expertise, experience and energy!"

- Stefania Giangregorio - Personal Development & Business Growth Consultant

"I'm so grateful for my last minute decision to change onto the Internet Business School at a recent event. I feel like it was divine intervention. As I would not have come across Ben Brophy & The Online Video Academy. If you are researching as to whether you should consider attending any of their courses, I would advise just do it. What Ben teaches you is Gold and you get over & above what you have invested. This course has been my best investment to date. Thank you"

- Lisa Marsh

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"Attended the 1 day course with Ben Brophy and it was worth every penny. It gave me the tools to learn how to engage with customers eventually leading to sales. Would highly recommend for anyone interested in learning more about video marketing, ideal for beginners or experienced video marketers."

- Kemi Laniyan


"Ben is a knowledgeable and generous leader in the field of video marketing. Ben's practical yet business minded knowledge sharing is invaluable for anyone in the internet marketing arena. I am still trying to select a domain name and as soon as I have I will share this with you."

- Mojgan Faratin

"I discovered Ben through another training organisation and found that his naturally caring character suited me and my beliefs in good customer care. Ben is down to earth and easy to get on with which makes him very approachable in moments where you may be unsure and need to ask questions. His delivery on any topic is very easy to understand and it is quite clear he loves people and loves helping in what ever way he can. Ben makes sense and over delivers with his knowledge. If you want to learn from someone who is easy to get on with and speaks lay mans language then Ben is the one to look for. I recently attended a video marketing workshop in London and as usual Ben delivered a great workshop and I left fully understanding everything easily. Thanks Ben Regards Frank Duxbury"

- Fank Duxbury


"Ben's Video course was full of many useful and insightful snippets of information. The ongoing interaction by all attendees added to the usefulness of the course. Ben's delivery allows for this and yet still manages to pack in a lot of information and practical advice."

- Graham Lee

"A great day full of amazing 'discoveries' in the world of online video. A tremendous return on investment."

- Russ Chapman

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"Video Marketing Fast Track is a brilliant course!! I went into it with a good knowledge of how to create a video, but wanted to learn more about how to attract more customers, and to get my videos ranked on YouTube. I came away with an extensive knowledge of everything that I wanted to get out of the course. I also picked up some quick tips that I can add to my work in video to improve it. This course is bursting at the seams with insider info. I would recommend this to anyone. Ben is a fantastic teacher and is always open to ideas of how he can improve and learn himself, which is a brilliant quality to have. He is happy to listen to anyone and always celebrates the small wins. Thank you for a brilliant day!"

- Emily 'Madge' Payne


"I attended the Video Course on Saturday the 19.05.2018 when the Royal Wedding was on. However I am absolutely amazed with the content, information and tips provide by Ben on this course. Plus we had interaction, shared information, set back and also success and pointer on how to improve, improvise, adapt, change and meet our personal goals. I can put on hand on heart to say that Ben Brophy is a human being who cares for the success of others. I amd sure that I will be doing some sort of JV with Ben. Thank you as always - you have delivered above and beyond what you have said - I can be paroud to be part of this community. Abundance of peace joy happiness and success to all. Gratitude and respect. God Bless"

- Ranjiv Lal


"Ben has an amazing and simple delivery of his course. Taking you along step-by-step at a comfortable pace. He allowed plenty of time for people to contribute and involved everyone too. He is genuinely interested in you and in supporting and helping you grow. Massive thank you Ben for your amazing work."

- David Loney

We've got literally 100's more testimonials on file, if you'd like to see please get in touch.

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