6 x 1:1 Coaching & Support Calls Tailored to Your Requirements

Fast-track your results with 6 Coaching Calls specifically tailored specifically to your exact requirements.

Get the insight & support of an expert who can help you rapidly navigate the best path forward.


WHY should you invest in coaching & support?

This is the statistical probability of achieving your goals:

- 10% if you have an idea

- 50% if you make a plan to do it

- 65% if you promise someone else you will do it

- 95% if you have a specific accountability appointment with the person to whom you commit

Source: American Society for Training & Development www.astd.org


A few of the benefits of support

You can see above the statistical likelihood of success with & without accountability & coaching. Reasons for support include...

Remain Focussed/On-track

- Life is busy & hectic. So much clamoring for out attention. Stay in a support group to help you remain focused & on-track.

Stay on the cutting edge

- There are new techniques, tools & resources coming out by the month. Stay on the leading edge to reap the benefits.

Be held accountable

- You are 95% more likely to succeed if you have an accountability appointment with the person to whom you commit!


Further reasons to use our coaching & support may include any of the following:

- Accountability - agreeing on actions & committing to achieving them by a specific date & having calls to support successful attainment & consistent progress

- To learn new skills & tools - to acquire specific ideas, insights & resources or the skill-set to apply new techniques, technology or principles

- To save time & fast-track results - to access an expert's years of experience & have private 1:1 tailored sessions which can save you the time & money of trying to figure it out yourself

Motivation - to stay on-track & on-point. For encouragement, belief & a friendly push.

Perspective & clarity -to have an outside expert's perspective & help gain clarity on the bigger picture & potential next steps.

Camaraderie & a Confidential Sounding board - to have a totally objective confidante who won't judge & can listen to whatever is going on &  someone who can share the journey (both the highs & lows)


These just a few of the reasons people choose support. Please choose from the pricing options in the right hand column.