Online Training & Courses

Our primary service is using the internet & technology to help share & serve more people around the world, providing access to industry leading training which enhances lives, empowers businesses & elevates well-being.

Traditionally such training has been limited to those who can make a private workshop, but now anyone with an internet connection can access the training and watch & learn anytime, anywhere on any device, providing total convenience & enabling people to learn on their schedule, as & when it suits them.

Our library of courses will be expanding over the forthcoming months and we will be partnering with many amazing trainers & heads of industry.




Nothing beats being in a room, focussed with a facilitator where you're totally engrossed in the content & able to ask questions. We run a number of workshops which form the basis for some of our online training programmes.

If there is a particular workshop you'd like us to consider providing please contact us.



Personal, Group or In-House Training
We can provide one of our established training programmes privately for a group or within a business.



International Partnering for Workshop or Course Delivery

If you'd like to host a workshop or course in your country or region then please get in touch. We're all about getting the message out & sharing content that enhances lives, empowers businesses & elevates well-being and we've got a number of tried & tested courses & workshops which are very well received, which help deliver fantastic results & make a difference to delegate's lives.

If you are a promoter or have a good list or network of contacts & share the same ethos & vision & want to host one of our events in your territory then it's potentially a symbiotic & synergistic win/win proposal where each party focusses on their strengths. We bring the course content, delivery & expertise whilst you promote & bring the people to the event.

Please get in touch to find out more.



Partnership (Affiliate) Programme

We are all about win/win business practice & would rather invest our time & energy in sourcing, learning, testing & sharing great content rather than paying marketing costs on platforms such as Google & Facebook to promote our training. 

Likewise many people share our ethos & enjoy, believe in & want to promote our training.

Thus we've married these two together to offer a very generous partner (affiliate) programme whereby you will be hansomely rewarded for new customers you introduce to our training.

Thus we get to save costs on traditional marketing and instead redirect it to yourself so that you earn money by helping other people (via introducing them to content that can enhance their life, empower their business &/or elevate their well-being).

This is Win / Win / Win business - the way it should be. Everyone benefits!

If you're interested, we will give you a private, personalised coupon code that you can promote, which can be applied at checkout.

We offer 50% of the training price and you can choose how you do it - you can either take the full 50% for yourself, or a split whereby you give a 10% discount to entice new customers and pocket the remaining 40% for yourself. 

Sign up for our partner / affiliate programme by clicking here

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1:1 Coaching & Support

Some people prefer to have 1:1 with one of our experts to enjoy a totally exclusive, private, customised service.  This may be anywhere from an hour-long online session, to half-day or full day & is usually conducted remotely via Zoom (or alternatively Skype or Phone).

Adapted to focus on the needs & wants of each individual client the main reasons people enjoy 1:1 coaching tends to fall into any combination of the following:

  1. Accountability - agreeing on actions & committing to achieving them by a specific date & having calls to support successful attainment & consistent progress
  2. To learn new skills & tools - to acquire specific ideas, insights & resources
  3. To save time & fast-track results - to have private 1:1 totally tailored sessions
  4. Motivation - to stay on-track & on-point
  5. Perspective & clarity -to have an outside experts perspective & help gain clarity on next steps & the bigger picture
  6. Comraderie  - to have someone who shares the journey, both the highs & lows
  7.  Sounding board - to have a totally objective confidante who won't judge & can listen


Speaking Engagements

If you need a guest speaker for an event we have a number of experts who have trained 1000's, spoken at all kinds of events including international business shows & workshops, hosted all kinds of training & who deliver brilliant, tailored content.



Partner Service Providers

Over the years we've had the pleasure to get to know many good, professional & fair service providers across a whole range of skill-sets & disciplines which we can recommend to save you the time, trial & error of sifting through trying to find them yourself.

These include:

- Art design & creatives

- Website & technical

- Funnel building

- SEO (Search Engine Optimsation)

- Professional Business Coaching

& many more

Please contact us if you'd like a recommendation.




We offer a number of scholarships for some of our training because we don't believe that one's personal current situation should necessarily prevent them from accessing content which can help transform their life.

Scholarships are limited & subject to an online application process which takes into consideration a number of different factors. Please get in touch to find out more.


Please get in touch if you'd like any further information on any of the above and to see what people say about some of our training please see testimonials by clicking here.


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75% Off Intro Discount

As a special introductory thank you for the Autumn launch of The Online Video Academy we'd like to give you 75% coupon for any courses or training for being a first adopter.

We've got excellent industry leading training to share with you which will make a big difference to your life & business.