We are always looking for amazing, passionate, motivated & skilled people to join our team, to help contribute value & service to the world - doing our small bit to help enhance lives, empower businesses & elevate well-being.

If you would like to be part of an exciting team & contribute some time & services in exchance for access to industry leading training then please get in touch via [email protected]

Current services & skillsets we are interested in include:

- Graphic & Slide Designers

- Copywriting

- Customer Service

- Video Editing

- Affiliate Management

- PDF & Document Design / Creation

- Kajabi Technical Assistance & Pipeline Management




Do you want to help make a positive difference in the world by introducing more businesses & people to empowering training content?

Do you have sales, negotiation & people skills?

Do you want to be renumerated in return for the doors you open & business you introduce?

If you are passionate, skilled, ethical, positively inclined & a go-getter who wants to help make a difference & be rewarded in the process, then please get in touch at [email protected]




Do you have an ability or desire to promote workshops or events?

We have worked successfully with promoters in different territories around the world who are able to fill a room & bring an audience whilst we focus on delivering tried & tested course content. 

This kind of arrangement is a good win for both parties, playing to everyone's strengths and enables promoters & event planners to provide their audience & customers with a great course, whilst we concentraate on what we're best at....researching, testing & delivering content that positively impacts lives & businesses.

We split the proceeds after expenses.

If you are looking for topics & workshops to promote, are professional, ethical, committed to sharing good quality content then please enquire via [email protected]




We passionately believe that business should always be conducted in the interests of all parties. With this in mind we offer a generous 'affiliate / tell a friend / referral' program to help incentivise you to share our courses & training with others, enabling us to spend more time on creating & developing great content that impacts many.

This way it's a win for those who's lives & businesses the training impacts, it's a win for you as you earn income by sharing our training & it's a win for us as we can focus more on what we love doing....creating training that enhances lives, empowers businesses & elevates well-being - which makes for a better world.

The scope for anyone with a vision & desire to earn is huge as the contents of this website is created with the intention to enhance lives, empower businesses & elevate well-being. And with that in mind it can really benefit a very large number of people.

Thinking about the prospective target audiences consider for a moment:

- how many businesses (both big & small) would like accessible, cost-effective, practical, cutting edge training which can positively impact their bottom line?

- how every single person (whether they think about it or not) is a publishing, media business, and how learning best practice tips & tools can help accelerate their results

- what person doesn't want to feel increased levels of happiness, well-being, peace of mind or satisfaction?

If you'd like to fly the flag and earn an income whilst promoting this training consider applying to join our partner program by messaging [email protected] with subject header PARTNER.


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We've got excellent industry leading training to share with you which will make a big difference to your life & business.