We are always looking for amazing, passionate, motivated & skilled people to join our team, to help contribute value & service to the world - doing our small bit to help enhance lives, empower businesses & elevate well-being.

If you would like to be part of an exciting team & contribute some time & services in exchance for access to industry leading training then please get in touch via [email protected]

Current services & skillsets we are interested in include:

- Graphic & Slide Designers

- Copywriting

- Customer Service

- Video Editing

- Affiliate Management

- PDF & Document Design / Creation

- Kajabi Technical Assistance & Pipeline Management




Do you want to help make a positive difference in the world by introducing more businesses & people to empowering training content?

Do you have sales, negotiation & people skills?

Do you want to be renumerated in return for the doors you open & business you introduce?

If you are passionate, skilled, ethical, positively inclined & a go-getter who wants to help make a difference & be rewarded in the process, then please get in touch at [email protected]



Are you an expert in your field with a good ability to train & deliver course content? Is your vision & ethos about win/win/win business & sharing knowledge ethically & fairly to contribute towards a better world?

We are partnering up with experts who have audiences & excellent content, to help bring their wisdom, knowledge & teaching to a wider audience, through providing an integrated platform from which they can promote & sell.

Our vision & ethos is to provide industry leading content which enhances lives, empowers businesses & elevates well being. To provide an opportunity for people around the world to benefit from the content we curate & share.

We recognise there are many people with great talents, skill-sets &/or audiences who do great work offline, but who don't understand how to pull all the ever evolving components together to deliver it online through a coherent, integrated system which combines video & content creation & delivery, email & marketing, payment facility, coupons, affiliates etc.  

This is what we can offer as a straight 50/50 deal with people we can see a symbiotic fit with. A win for everyone. We can help provide the platform & technology know how, the expert brings the course structure, content & experience.



Do you have an ability or desire to promote workshops or events?

We have worked successfully with promoters in different territories around the world who are able to fill a room & bring an audience whilst we focus on delivering tried & tested course content. 

This kind of arrangement is a good win for both parties, playing to everyone's strengths and enables promoters & event planners to provide their audience & customers with a great course, whilst we concentraate on what we're best at....researching, testing & delivering content that positively impacts lives & businesses.

We split the proceeds after expenses.

If you are looking for topics & workshops to promote, are professional, ethical, committed to sharing good quality content then please enquire via [email protected]




We passionately believe that business should always be conducted in the interests of all parties. With this in mind we offer a generous 'affiliate / tell a friend / referral' program to help incentivise you to share our courses & training with others, enabling us to spend more time on creating & developing great content that impacts many.

This way it's a win for those who's lives & businesses the training impacts, it's a win for you as you earn income by sharing our training & it's a win for us as we can focus more on what we love doing....creating training that enhances lives, empowers businesses & elevates well-being - which makes for a better world.

The scope for anyone with a vision & desire to earn is huge as the contents of this website is created with the intention to enhance lives, empower businesses & elevate well-being. And with that in mind it can really benefit a very large number of people.

Thinking about the prospective target audiences consider for a moment:

- how many businesses (both big & small) would like accessible, cost-effective, practical, cutting edge training which can positively impact their bottom line?

- how every single person (whether they think about it or not) is a publishing, media business, and how learning best practice tips & tools can help accelerate their results

- what person doesn't want to feel increased levels of happiness, well-being, peace of mind or satisfaction?

If you'd like to fly the flag and earn an income whilst promoting this training consider applying to join our partner program by messaging [email protected] with subject header PARTNER.

Here are the direct links for signing up & signing in to your partner dashboard for your links & tracking (of clicks & sales)

To SIGN UP for the affiliate / partner programme:


To SIGN IN to your dashboard: https://www.theonlinevideoacademy.com/affiliate_users/sign_in





We like to collaborate with experts who share the same ethos & vision (see below), basically people who have excellent content that makes a positive difference!

We are developing The Online Video Academy on industry leading technology which we are constantly investing a lot of time & money learning, testing & evolving. This platform is well respected and very secure with in relation to both content and online transactions.

We appreciate that getting to grips with the never ending technological developments &  steep learning curve is one of the main barriers which prevents many experts from sharing their unique insights & wisdom with a wider audience through the internet.

Many experts want to focus the majority of their time (smartly) on their key strengths & skills - learning & sharing their wisdom. Not investing time & money on expensive platforms then the whole ongoing education required to use them effectively!

This is why we are offering the partnership opportunity.

THE ONLINE VIDEO ACADEMY - Course Partners Outline 

Agreement for The Online Video Academy & Friends & Family / Partners, working in collaboration to share wisdom, knowledge & course content which enhances lives, empowers businesses &/or elevates well-being.

Upon initial contact both parties sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) out of respect & privacy relating to discussions, content & ideas.

Vision / Mission
- help share content & make it available to people to access around the world

- deliver excellent quality content and high value to customers

- leverage technology & put it to positive use to help make a beneficial difference to people's lives

- embrace the opportunity of delivering content around the world 24 / 7 / 365

- make content available to people who wouldn’t necessarily have previously had access to (or awareness of) the content

- cross pollinate content which fits within the parameters  ‘enhances lives, empowers businesses & elevates well-being’

- leave a legacy & work in collaboration to co-create a healthier, positive & more sustainable world

- earn money in reciprocation for contribution to humanity & work in harmonious & trusting partnership with leaders of content, wisdom, expertise & insight

- contribute & support philanthropic & charitable grass roots initiatives

Partner / Content Provider Responsibilities:

- Propose course outline: learning objectives, content structure & flow

- Create & record professional, high quality, up to date, relevant course content

- Provide descriptions of each video post

- Share & promote with relevant target audiences - email lists, social media, networks

- Provide info, images & copy for the sales pages

The Online Video Academy Responsibilities:

- Provide leading edge hosting & delivery platform capable of delivering video courses - including options of text, MP3 Audio Downloads, PDF Downloads.

- Ability to add tests or assessments to course posts to help engage students & reinforce learning

- Processing of payment with ability to take payment online through world leading secure & encrypted software, ability to add up-sells or cross-sells within course & at point of check out

- Increased awareness of course created by web visitors looking at other courses within the evolving library, feeding off new visitors & customers

- Automatic email notifications (to the course creator’s designated email addresses) of every sale at moment of sale

- Monthly account payments for sales in preceding month (to account for & allow for 30 day money back offer to be honoured if required)


Value Added Services (VAS)

- Ability to help with marketing & raising awareness:  consulting

- Option to advise & assist with course creation, filming & editing

- Ability to help with follow up automated email sequences

- Creation of written transcriptions of the video content

Standard Win / Win Working Partnership Agreement for Course Creators

- Non-exclusive (unless both parties want & agree to the content being exclusive

- The Course Creator may create & share courses on other platforms

- 50/50 split of online proceeds from the course

- 50% Friends & Family Discount Off any other courses within The Online Video Academy Library


To discuss a potential partnership

Please contact [email protected] and include the email subject header 'COURSE IDEA'. Please provide a brief outline of what you are proposing & why you think it's a good fit for us to work together.