About Us

The Online Video Academy's purpose is to provide leading edge content & training that positively contributes to the world - enhancing lives, empowering businesses & elevating well-being.

We have set this platform up to share the wisdom, knowledge & insights from experts across a range of disciplines and we've done this because it is our calling.

The 'Ikigai' image below succinctly illustrates this...

In relation to the image, this is our Ikigai, our purpose, our calling. 

1. This is what we LOVE to do!
2. We know many people around the world can benefit from (& need) the content.
3. The experts are very experienced & good at what they share & teach.
4. We can ethically & fairly be paid in exchange for the high level of value we provide.


All of the contributors & content providers associated with this website share a similar ethos & vision about wanting to co-create a better, happier & more sustainable world - for ourselves & our future generations.


The course facilitators & providers have deep & wide experience delivering workshops, training, consulting & coaching to thousands of people all around the world from all walks of life & of all abilities. And now for the first time we're making the training & content available online via this platform.

Apart from doing our small part to help make a positive impact in individual's lives (effecting families, friends, businesses, communities, wider society & the world), our goal is to fast-track your results in your chosen area of learning by saving you time, money effort, energy & frustration.

We intend to do this by giving you the very best, proven & tested ideas, tips, tools, & resources within the given subject area - to truly make a positive impact on your results.

Life is way too short to try & figure it all out ourselves. It's not clever to try & reinvent the wheel because we're here for a very limited amount of time & learning from other's experience & expertise is the smartest thing anyone can do.

We intend to always respect your most precious resource (time) & to for all content to be clear, precise, easy to follow & highly effective, delivering you the maximum possible results for your time, energy & money invested.

All of our content is mobile responsive with the intention to give you total flexibility & convenience, so that you can learn 24/7/365 anywhere in the world on any device.



Giving Back

We believe it's very important to positively contribute to the world around us. Indeed just recently we returned from our 3rd trip to Peru, completing the 6 year 'Project Peru' where we committed to helping fundraise, project manage & build 101 homes within an extremely impoverished community. You can see the post project summary compiled by Online Video Academy Founder Ben Brophy here http://bit.ly/101homescompleted

Our ethos is to ensure that we are socially conscious and constantly supporting worthwhile initiatives, be that Project Peru, The Essence Foundation, Herts Young Homeless, Basket Briggade or a range of other charities.

When you choose to learn with us or do business you are helping us to help these causes and there will even be opportunities to join us on a charitable project on occassion.

We also run a scholarship programme to help those from less privileged backgrounds. It is our belief that current income shouldn't necessarily rule somebody out from gaining life enhancing education. What goes around comes around, and we believe it's our privileged duty to give back to others who need it. Business with conscience & business with soul!


About our trainers

Our trainers are highly respected within their individual areas of expertise and all share a passion for truly impacting people's lives & making a positive difference.

We all share a passion & purpose to assist people, which we've been able to do all over the world, through various platforms: working with charities & NPO's, writing for magazines, co-authoring books, creating content for websites, speaking at leading international business shows, working with underprivileged youth, running Government Pilot Schemes, ranking multiple content, people & sites at the top of both Google & YouTube, creating online & offline courses & assisting clients to achieve millions of views on platforms.

We've been fortunate enough to have worked & trained alongside some of the world’s best within their respective fields including Dr Menis Yousry, Simon Coulson, Danny Rampling, The European Business Show, The Essence Foundation, Southport Weekender, HayHouse Publishers & youth development organisations such as Raleigh International, Project Peru & Amoria Bond Charitable Trust.

Our team have trained, coached & shared with thousands of people from all over the world, including entrepreneurs, business owners alongside other leading experts within their niches, teaching cutting edge strategies & tactics.

The one thing that we all share in common is that we share the intention & aim to help enhance lives, empower businesses & elevate well being....and we're grateful that you've found yourself here right now and look forward to sharing with you.

We also helped co-author the Diploma in Internet Marketing modules - a nationally recognised qualification accredited by both Continuing Professional Development (CPD) & NCFE - an Investing In Quality (IIQ) centre which provides assurance that both content & delivery are of the highest standards whilst giving formal recognition to the courses.

We all enjoy sharing insights & ideas to help improve both the world & people's lives, in a down to earth, approachable & friendly manner.


Feedback & Suggestions

We  take your feedback very seriously and would love to hear how we can improve or what content you would like us to provide.

Please leave your thoughts at http://bit.ly/TheOnlineVideoAcademyFeedbackSuggestions


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Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We look forward to sharing with you.