FREE Kajabi University Summary Mindmap : SAVE TIME with this intro / refresher of all 49 tutorials

49 Tutorials - 1 Mindmap

Kajabi users asked me to share the personal mindmap I created of the Kajabi University videos.

Get FREE access to a 1 hour video walkthrough of the mindmap along with a PDF of closeups of the mindmap.

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Great intro or refresher

This guide can aide you in understanding Kajabi & also which specific Kajabi tutorials you may want to jump to.

Save yourself time - Fastrack overview

Time is the most precious & limited asset you have. Save time with this Kajabi Univerity overview / refresher. In 1 hour you'll get a good grasp of the Kajabi Jigsaw puzzle.

Easy to understand video walkthrough

Aswell as getting instant access to a PDF which gives you close ups of the mindmap, you will get a 1 hour video walkthrough of the mindmap.

Why I'm offering you this....

I posted up an image & many fellow Kajabi users in the official Facebook group requested it. So as promised you can have it along with my one hour video explanation walkthrough.

A few words from Ben...


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Give me instant access!

I spent over a day watching all the Kajabi University tutorials and summarised them in the mindmap you're about to access.

I also created a video explanation walkthrough to help save you time and to give you a good intro / refresher of how Kajabi pieces together.