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Many people opt to reserve a half-price 45 minute 1:1 session with Ben Brophy.

This is the only time you'll be offered this Lockdown Special half price session - to help you on anything you need - technical skills, accountability, motivation, strategy, tactics or insight. It's your 45 minutes to get what YOU want.

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Business Accelerator Optimisation Course - Lockdown Special

Well done, you're about to make a great decision to invest in your future by upskilling & taking advantage of this Lockdown Special.

The strategy & ideas shared in this training are arguably the most important you can know as someone with a project or business you want to grow.

You're a moment away from....

1) learning the incredibly powerful Business Optimisation strategy pioneered by world leading Business Consultant Jay Abraham (business & marketing coach to industry figureheads, Tony Robbins & 1000's of entrepreneurs - who charges £40,000 a day in consultation & £4K + for his courses)

2) understand how you can double your business by just focussing on tactics to simultaneously improve the 3 key business areas of a) increasing customers b) increasing frequency of spend & c) increasing spend per visit

3) be given dozens upon dozens of tactics (actions) you can choose from for each area

4) downloading action planning sheets & checklists to help you implement what you are learning

5) access our little black book of trusted resources, service providers & contacts if you want to delegate or outsource any of the tactics covered


Best of all, it doesn't matter what your business is, where in the world you are located. This Business Optimisation strategy is applicable to EVERY business & project.

It's the single most powerful business principle to understand, it's easy to grasp & you can start implementing immediately.

Let's get going....

Remember, with this training you can

- Access 24/7/365 on any device

- All video access & step by step tutorials

- Can save time by speeding up Playback on each video


As with ANY business decision, simply ask 'what is the potential return on investment of this training'.

We guarantee this could easily be one of the best investments in yourself & your business - jump in & see!


What People Are Saying:

Outstanding. Absolutely PACKED with actionable tips & ideas which will make a significant difference to your business if you use this Optimisation strategy. You need to know this!

Allan Crouch, CEO - The Business Growth School

Brilliant. Pound for pound the best investment for understanding this extremely powerful (yet simple) concept. Packed full of practical tips & ideas. If you don't know this strategy & the tactics you can choose from you are seriously missing out! A no brainer for anyone who works in business or has a project they want to grow.

Paul Hornsey Pennell, Premiere League Business Coach

Overdelivered. Eye-opening. Easily the best investment in your digital growth. In easy to follow steps, you gain practical knowledge about the top tried-and-true tools available on the market, handed to you on a silver plate by an experienced and genuinely supportive coach who cares about your progress, granting you a competitive advantage and saving you months of pointless searching online.

Dagmar Silma