Why You CANNOT Ignore Video - 10 Online Video Trends & Statistics 2019


Video is the #1 marketing tool, is proven to increase the speed of learning and is used by over 80% of companies to grab attention on social media.

The Power of Video - it’s proven - everyone buys more, learns more and engages more with video.

Did You Know?
- 92% of mobile video users share content with others
- 500 million people watch Facebook video daily
- 76% of marketers plan to add video to their site making it a higher priority than Facebook and Twitter
- 88% agree that using video in education increases achievements


Contrary to popular belief, making multiple different types of video has never been simpler and anyone can now do it both quickly & easily, without the need for any previous technical or video creation experience.

We are fortunate to have access to over 20 powerful online tools & mobile apps which create videos which would have traditionally cost £1,000's for a specialist to create.

This short video shares 10 essential video statistics,...

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