Don't Use Facebook again (without using this free feature) - Video Tip!


I hope this finds you very well. Ben Brophy here with a quick video tip you NEED to be using if you ever use Facebook (click PLAY to watch the video above).

I’m sharing this video with you because despite it being so easy & obvious, to this day (I can't believe that) less than one in 50 people I speak to actually know about it.

I want to not only save you time but also for you to have a better (more positive & engaged) Facebook experience & the knock on effects of that on both yourself & others.

The tip is about FACEBOOK SEE FIRST & how you can select 30 people or pages to see at the top of your news feed….



I promise you, it's an instant Facebook Game Changer

Why is this important?

Because very naturally, you prefer some people, pages & shared content over others.

Because you deserve to prioritise those to the top of your feed so you’re seeing more of what you want, not...

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How to remove Ads & Pop Ups on iPhone, iOS & Android


If you get frustrated by ads constantly popping up & stealing your time & attention whilst on your mobile device you may want to consider following one of these videos (showing how to remove ads on both iOS & Android).

The iOS tutorial (ABOVE) also has a bonus tip of how to play YouTube videos in the background, so that you can listen to YouTube audio whilst using other apps (as opposed to it constantly cutting out the moment you exit the app).

We hope this gives you back some time & improves your user experience.

How to remove Popup ads from Android devices...

How to remove ads from iPhone, iOS devices & how to keep YouTube playing in the background...

How to stop YouTube cutting out & keep YouTube audio playing in the background on iPhones & iOS devices....


We hope you found these tips useful & will give you back more of your time!

Have a great week.

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Would you like to gain an extra 120 hours over the next 3 months - what could you do in that time?


Every so often a potentially game changing resource comes along. Not often, but on occasion....and this could be one of them -

Today I just want to share with you a new resource & platform which we’ve just discovered, where you can get a hungry, ambitious & skilled intern to support you for 10 hours a week over 3 months.


It's already been raved about and the likes of Harvard University, DropBox, AirBnB, The Internet Business School, The Online Video Academy & 100's of small, medium & larger size businesses are already tapping into the win/win opportunity available.

Please just ask yourself:

1. What would / could I do with an additional 120 hours over the next 3 months?

2. Which projects, hobbies, people, activities would / could I nurture?

3. How much quicker could I get things done & achieve what I want to achieve if I could leverage someone else’s time & skill set over 120 hours?

Imagine having...

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