The World's Best Wordpress Plugins - The 2019 Guide - Step By Step


Wordpress is the world's most popular website platform of choice with over over 30% of all websites (globally) using it.

There are many reasons for Wordpress's popularity & success, 10 of which are listed below. However one of the key reasons is because of the flexibility enabled by adding plugins (apps) which can enhance any site's functionality to do almost anything.


A ToolBox with Unlimited Tools

So let's use the metaphor of a toolbox & tools, the toolbox being your Wordpress website & your tools being your plugins.

When you install a Wordpress website you are given a basic toolbox with a few tools (plugins) thrown in.

However because most people have different needs & requirements depending upon their industry, topic, subject matter & objectives it would be ill-advised to load up the default Wordpress website with a whole range of plugins which may not be relevant to many users.

Continuing with the metaphor, in the same way that you would go to a trade-merchants & buy a toolbox, on the whole it wouldn't come pre-loaded full of tools because depending on whether you were a plumber, carpenter, electrician or handy-man you would require a slightly different set of tools to successfully carry out your job.

Thus you would use your discretion to purchase & add the tools which you needed &  develop your toolbox so that it gives you the best possible functionality and scope to do what you need to do.

This is the same for Wordpress Websites. You get a powerful yet relatively empty toolbox of a Wordpress website when you first install it. But then you can add all the functionality & tools you need via Wordpress plugins (apps). It's literally limitless what you can add to your site!

The good news is there are 100,000's of plugins constantly been created & developed by open-source developers around the world.

The bad news is that unless you are an expert or have an abundance of time on your hands there is too much distracting noise & conflicting information to know what plugins are the best. And which ones are required.


The good news is that we are about to save you a ton of time (& money) by sharing with you over 24 of the very best free Wordpress plugins which you can benefit from in 2019.  

And if you're like us & want to save time (which is your most valuable asset & non-renewable) we have created a complete step-by step video guide for each plugin which outlines why it's one of the best, what it's benefits are & very importantly how to set each one up & configure it. 

We created this guide because we wish we'd had this to save us all the time, frustration, trial & error!  If you'd like to discover more & get instant access, the link for this new Wordpress Plugin Course is here

Good questions to ask yourself are:

1. What could these plugins save me in terms of consultancy & expert fees?

2. What could these plugins save me in terms of time taken to try and get it's benefits & results without using it?

3. What benefits can this plugin bring me & my business or project?
eg more visitors, better SEO rankings, improved site performance and user experience, more converted customers, an advantage ahead of my competitors,



So here we go. In no particular order, 24 of the very best Wordpress Plugins  in 2019 are:

1. YOAST SEO - for incredible assistance with search engine optimisation as if having a SEO expert sat next to you on your computer every day!

2. WooCommerce - for setting up powerful & scaleable ecommerce stores for selling anything online

3. Elementor - for an abundance of functionality & easily creating posts & pages of any type with drag & drop ease. A game changer!

4. Duplicate Page - for saving time & energy with one click duplication of posts or pages

5. UpdraftPlus - to backup, restore & migrate Wordpress websites rapidly, easily & automatically

6. Wordfence Security - for ultra comprehensive & solid protection of your digital assets against all of the main online threats

7. Add To Any Social Share - Making it easy for people to share & promote your content is key to helping get your message out, to getting more engagement & more visitors. The Add To Any Wordpress Plugin makes it very easy to add the social media icons of your choice to your pages & posts. Giving visitors the ability to share on THEIR social platform of choice is important!

8. Nivo Slider - The ability to turn your images into engaging sliders, galleries & carousels easily. You may want to showcase different work samples, products, team photos, clients and more.

9. BJ Lazy Load - Provides a faster & more efficient experience as it enables you to save bandwidth & speed up your website load time

10. Google Analytics Dashboard - Understanding both your content, site & visitor's behaviour & performance is essential. This makes installing & accessing your Google Analytics data simple & takes it to a whole new level.

11. Everest Form Builder - For easily creating any kind of form (survey, contact form, requests)

12. JetPack - An all in one performance plugin which helps which includes design, marketing & security all in one. Stop worrying about data loss, downtime, and hacking.

13. WP Fastest Cache - Another performance plugin which will help you to speed up your site's performance very easily

14. WP Smush Image Optimisation - WP Smush It Compression & Optimisation enables you to resize, optimise and compress all of your images. It's incredibly powerful and free!

15. WP-Optimise - An effective tool for automatically cleaning your WordPress database so that it runs at maximum efficiency for both you & your visitors.

16. Pretty Links - Let's you shrink, cloak, track, organise, share & test all your links from your WordPress website.

17. Redirection - Makes it very easy to automate redirections. Helps to improve performance, tidy up any loose ends & track errors.

18. Really Simple SSL - Makes your site secure for you & customers with HTTPS & SSL.

19. Akismet Anti Spam - Protects your site against malicious attacks & spam. It checks your comments and contact form submissions against our global database of spam to prevent your site from publishing malicious content.

20. Broken Link Checker - A complete link checking solution which checks for broken links not only in posts and pages, but also in comments, the blogroll, and custom fields (optional). It also detects missing images and redirects & automatically notifies you, helping you optimise site performance.

21. Redirection At some point while you’re running your site, you’re probably going to want to change the URL of a post or page. When that happens, you’ll need a way to redirect traffic from the old post to the new post. That’s what Redirection does with an easy to use graphical interface.

22. Mailchimp for Wordpress - To help you to easily build your subscriber list on WordPress.

23. Duplicator - for easily copying & duplicating websites saving potentially days of time

24. All In One RichSnippets - to give the search engines much more content to show in the search results & help you get more visitors

These are some of the very best free Wordpress plugins available and all things being equal, in comparison to sites that don't use these you will be at a huge advantage on many levels.


If you'd like to save time (money) trying to figure these out then get yourself instant access to this new step by step video guide which shows you how to install, configure & use each one.  In a couple of hours you could actually be up & running with all of these and reaping the benefits.

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