The Wheel of Life - A simple yet powerful tool to help increase balance & happiness


Gift yourself 10 minutes to do this powerful exercise as it has many benefits.

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What is The Wheel of Life  & why should I do it?

The Wheel of Life is a simple, quick yet powerful way to look at the various components of your life (as it stands today) & how it could easily be improved.


- See your life as a wheel & how it flows
It's an easy visual analogy. The more balanced it is, the smoother it will run

- Identify what is & isn't working
Understand the different areas of your life & where attention may need shifting

- Increased happiness & balance
Doing this exercise & acting on the results can improve overall peace & success

- It only takes moments but powerful insights
The whole exercise can take as little as 5 minutes, but it can reveal a lot

- Anyone can do it & everyone can benefit
This is universal in application: ideal individually, in families, workplaces & relationships

- Powerful to do & discuss with others
Can be done alone & can also deepen relationships if shared with loved ones, close friends or colleagues

- Regain perspective & clarify where you're at
Awareness is the 1st step. Identify where you're at in life & how you can progress

- Free templates, audios, videos & downloads
You can access worksheets, audios, & transcriptions below for free & have answers emailed to you from the main Wheel Of Life page here


Basically you give the various areas of your life a rating out of 10 and then look at it as if a wheel, because it is. It's the wheel of your life.

How would it flow if it were a physical wheel?

Which areas are being neglected?

Could some areas benefit from increased attention?

It's not about judging oneself & it's not about rating it where you want it to be. It's about being honest with oneself & taking a snapshot review of how you view your life today in this given moment.

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