Our Little Black Book of Trusted Webbies & Designers for You - Essential for Any Project or Business


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A key for ANY business or project is finding good web developers & designers who are extremely skilled, capable, experienced, competitively priced, trustworthy & dependable.

We'd like to save you a lot of potential time, frustration & effort by sharing 4 of our favourites.

Even if you're not in the market (or don't have the need) right now, make a note of these contacts & bookmark them as they could come in very handy & save you time, effort, frustration & energy.

Additionally, you may know other people who are after a good webby or designer, so please feel free to pass these recommendations on. It's all about helping each other!

All of these recommendations are people we know, like & trust....

1. www.MadeByAnalogue.co.uk
email [email protected]

First up is Barry Darnell from Made By Analogue who I've known for over 20 years. He's a great guy who's created one of the UK's top design agencies through the combination of passion, talent, service & expertise.

They've worked with well known clients such as Universal Pictures, Pizza Express, Nickelodeon & loads of big brands, but they also do choice work with select people.

For high end high quality imagery, marketing & branding they are definitely worth checking out & speaking to.


2. www.SteveWilliamsCreative.com
email: [email protected]

Next is Steve Williams from Steve Williams Creative. He's a wonderful guy I met whilst working on a project with HayHouse, the world's leading mind, body & spirit publishers.

Steve was the in-house designer for the UK division of HayHouse & has been in charge of dozens of covers & brands. He's an independent creative as and of himself and has done lots of fantastic work for many well known companies.

He's a great guy based in London and definitely worth bookmarking.


3. www.Studio1Design.com
email: [email protected]

Over on the side of the world in Australia is Greg Merrilees from Studio  1 Design. Not only do they do design & websites, but Greg & his team really understand marketing very well.

Many influencers that you may know of (if you're doing a lot training and learning online), people who do podcasts, who've got big influence on the internet such as Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas (the podcasting master), & many others use Greg Merrilees.


4. www.Webueno.com/landing-page
email: [email protected]

Finally is Ivan from Webueno. Now I only recently came across Ivan but he's a great guy, currently with a team of 10 & he's based in eastern Europe (but speaks perfect English and is always on Skype).

They can do anything with Wordpress from design through to bug fixing. Or maybe you've had a design created and you need somebody to actually do the implementation into a website or maybe you want to upgrade your Wordpress theme. Perhaps you're not on Wordpress and you're on something like Square Space, Wix or one of these other websites platforms, but you realize that you want to be on Wordpress, then speak to Ivan and he could help you migrate and create your site over on Wordpress.

They also do a monthly service package for a nominal amount.

Also if you speak to people on a day to day basis or if you know others who may want their website upgraded, then speak with Ivan & he'll give you a commission if you recommend his team (it saves their marketing spend & they want to work in collaboration with people).


If you speak to other people who need website creation or design, then please feel free to share any of these contacts. They're all good people - and it's good to help others in need!

Have an amazing week.

With gratitude & respect

Ben & The Team



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