2 powerful tools everyone should be aware of.....is your life on track?


I hope this finds you very well.

So I've just returned from a mind-blowing month in Peru fusing work, charity, adventure, challenge, growth & planning. I've never had as many 'wow' moments in such a short space of time!

A few days ago myself & a small group of adventurers completed what is respected as one of the world's most beautiful 8 day treks....the Huayhuash Trek in the Cordillera Blanca mountains range. Highly, highly recommended if you like the big outdoors & a physical challenge. 

Whilst spending between 9 & 10 hours trekking through stunning scenery at over 5000 metres & with pure, clean air & chi, there's a lot of time to contemplate, assess life & be at one.

There was also time to have quality, intimate discussions with members of our small group.


What was interesting was that each evening I would ask the group 'what was one of the highlights from today?'  And on two two occasions, different members answered 'contemplating that idea you shared with us!' 

One was a 24 year old Peruvian Mountain Guide (Angel) & the other a 35 year old ex-Israeli commander (Eyal). Despite being from totally different backgrounds, cultures & occupations the tools we'd discussed were helping them to gain clarity through contemplating their life & their choices.

Their answer took me aback as each day was totally magical in so many different various ways and to me the obvious answer would have easily been 'one of the many incredible views or passes of the day, or the feeling of having overcome my physical boundaries!'


Their responses reminded me of the simple, yet powerful impact of the models I had simply mentioned in conversation which are linked below...

So in case you missed either of these, or possibly just to remind you of them, I am re-sharing 2 posts which contain potentially life empowering ideas.

These are ideas I believe everyone should at least be aware of!


As always, I'm just being a conduit. I didn't come up with the models, I have simply found them extremely useful as have 1000's of others around the world and feel driven to share them.

Post 1: How to help discover & tap into your life purpose - to help find your reason d'être & life a life of fulfilment.

Visit: https://bit.ly/LifePurposeFreeVideosAndDownloads


Post 2: How to easily & quickly evaluate if your life is on track & if not, where it may be in & out of balance

Visit: https://www.theonlinevideoacademy.com/blog/thewheeloflife


Remember, whilst on one of the world's most stunning tracks with mind-blowing views & action, 2 people said the ideas contained within the above links superseded all else in the day. Why? What did it make them contemplate about their life?

These are simple, powerful models to contemplate & have in your mental tool-box!

What is the potential value of 1 life affirming insight or idea for you or a loved one?


Please feel free to share - these have been created in service!

Much more goodness & some very exciting news for you very soon, including free access to a new resource.

Have an amazing week.

With respect & gratitude

Ben & The Team x


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