What's holding you back? How to deal with fear, haters & critics - expert's top video tips

All of us are impacted to a greater or lesser extent by the words, thoughts & actions of others.

However, very often we give our power over to others & hold ourselves back due to any combination of fear of judgement, criticism, not being good enough, rejection or failure. It's important to remember that all of us share (to greater or lesser extents) these very human emotions in different areas of our lives.

Below is an inspiring collection of motivating & practical video advice for dealing with fear, haters & critics - from a range of thought leaders & experts who are doing great things within their arenas.


Remember, we'd very quickly tell someone to 'sling their hook' if they spoke to us the way we sometimes speak to ourselves.

We need to learn to be our own best friend & supporter as we are the one constant throughout the whole of our lives!

We hope the tips below help you on your journey & ensure you don't value other people's opinions & judgements more than your own internal guidance.

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How to deal with haters & critics....

Stop Living in Judgment...
Note: There is swearing in the next video with Gary Vaynerchuk being his authentic self. Don't watch if offended by strong language!

10 Strategies for dealing with Haters....

5 Ways To Deal With Negative People....

Hopefully this has been useful & you've taken at least 1 tip which you can apply.

Don't value other people's opinions of yourself more than your own!

Feel free to share & have a wonderful week.

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