How to easily use your computer to help inspire, motivate & focus you - creating a dynamic, digital visionboard


Hi there, we've just created another video tip for you which we are certain can make a positive difference to your happiness, motivation & focus.

In the next few minutes you’ll learn how you can work-smart & turn your computer / laptop into a tool which:

- inspires you
- motivates you
- keeps you focused on those things which are important to you
- helps you attract more of the good stuff that you want in your life

Basically it's how to turn your computer into a dynamic & virtual vision-board which displays inspiring images you have pre-selected.

You may be asking ‘So what? / Why should I do this?'

To which we'd say give it a try, because:
- It’s very easily created
- It’s a simple & powerful technique
- It’s a smart & effective use of the time you’re around your computer (which possibly equates to tens of hours per week)
- Once you’ve set it up it’s totally effortless
- It focuses both the conscious & subconscious mind on what you want (as opposed to other distractions or negative mind chatter)
- It’s fun, motivating & inspiring!

Basically if you spend any time in-front of (or in the vicinity of) a laptop or computer then this makes sense to at the very least test out. You'll likely be surprised at the beneficial results!

If you're a PC user check out -

Please feel free to share this video & link with anyone else you think will benefit from the tip because if we're around a computer we may as well use it's power to benefit us.

Together we can spread good ideas & practices which we know can help make a positive difference.

Have a wonderful week.

Ben & The Team

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