Our habits largely determine our outcome in life! How to build good ones & break bad ones....

We've just got back from delivering a brilliant 3 day event down under in Sydney. It went extremely well & as always a lot of the added value was in the informal sharing & interaction with delegates late into the evening.

One of the conversations was on the topic of which books from the past year have been most impactful & I had no hesitation in recommending James Clear's Atomic Habits.

The book became an instant New York Times best seller when released at the end of 2018 & was the Financial Times book of the month whilst subsequently being featured across dozens of networks, media outlets (including Time, Entrepreneur & Forbes) & on numerous influencer's podcasts & YouTube channels.


Why the fuss & why has it been so influential?

Because all of us are creatures of habit & our habits will largely determine our overall results & happiness in life.

So it pays to understand how we can build good habits & break ones that don't serve us. And James Clear is the go-to expert who breaks it down into very simple, logical & practical steps.

The book is based on 4 principles:






If you'd like to understand how you can stack the odds in your favour by increasing habits which serve you (whilst breaking those which hold you back) then check out the videos below....


Note: To make these videos practical as opposed to just theoretical, a couple of questions to contemplate:

1) What are some good habits I'd like to start or enhance?
2) What are any habits (which don't serve me) which I'd like to minimise


Video 1: James Clear's Top 10 Rules for Success (as compiled by Evan Carmichael)!

1. Build good habits
2. Put in the reps
3. Challenge yourself
4. Exercise & Read
5. Have a plan
6. Get rid of bad habits
7. Develop expertise
8. Change your environment
9. Change your identity
10. Be systems oriented
11. BONUS - Change the way you think


1) What will you change in your environment to serve you?
2) What will you change in your identity to serve you?
3) What bad habit will you eliminate today?


Video 2: The Surprising Power of Small Habits
The video below is a very popular recording of James delivering a presentation on the power of small habits and is full of practical tips & insightful ideas from The Atomic Habits book. The event he's speaking at was a respected Leadership Conference which unites key influencers for a weekend of inspiration, leadership development, and relationship-building.

We hope you've found this useful.

"Which habits are (& aren't) serving me?"
"Which of these ideas can I implement to enhance my life?"


Have a wonderful week.

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