Would you like to gain an extra 120 hours over the next 3 months - what could you do in that time?


Every so often a potentially game changing resource comes along. Not often, but on occasion....and this could be one of them - www.DigitalMarketingApprentices.com

Today I just want to share with you a new resource & platform which we’ve just discovered, where you can get a hungry, ambitious & skilled intern to support you for 10 hours a week over 3 months.


It's already been raved about and the likes of Harvard University, DropBox, AirBnB, The Internet Business School, The Online Video Academy & 100's of small, medium & larger size businesses are already tapping into the win/win opportunity available.

Please just ask yourself:

1. What would / could I do with an additional 120 hours over the next 3 months?

2. Which projects, hobbies, people, activities would / could I nurture?

3. How much quicker could I get things done & achieve what I want to achieve if I could leverage someone else’s time & skill set over 120 hours?

Imagine having someone who could be focusing on any number of activities for you such as:

- design
- web creation
- market research
- content creation &/or planning
- social media management
- viral marketing
- keyword research

www.GenM.co is a new platform where you can get a qualified apprentice / intern to assist you.   There are 1000's of hungry & skilled people WANTING your work, to help them gain real world experience, portfolio & CV content & to practice their skillsets.

Personally we think it's incredible...and are positive anybody with a business, project or cause could benefit from getting at least another 120 hours support for an incredible $1 an hour.

Your time is worth far more than $1 an hour. Imagine freeing up this precious resource!

Imagine what a potential return on investment of $120 you could get for 120 hours worth of work & skilled assistance!


We've created a short video overview for you, outlining the platform, the benefits to all & how it works.... you can see it here.

And because we've signed up we are able to pass on a $25 discount to you, as the platform want more people to spread the word.   So check out the video below, get more info www.digitalmarketingapprentices.com to get your $25 welcome discount.

Take advantage of this incredible resource & let us know how you get along.

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It's going to be PACKED with gold, all with the intention & vision to authentically contribute towards a better world by saving people time, effort & money by sharing positive content that Enhances Lives, Empowers Businesses & Elevates Well Being.

Thank you for your interest & support!

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