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Tony Robbins is undoubtedly one of the greatest thinkers & leaders of this age. For over 3 decades he has been the go-to coach & consultant for presidents, peak performers (in every discipline including business, sport & entertainment) & a positive influence for  millions around the world. He’s also contributed 100’s of £millions to charities, helping those on the lower rungs of society’s ladder.

He was asked to distill his approach to life to share what makes him so positive, successful & capable in the face of life’s challenges & uncertainties.   

After deep analysis of his thought process he realised his empowering & successful outlook on life was based upon these key beliefs & statements.

1. There is always a way

2. It’s not what I get that makes me happy, but what I become

3. Daily, I become more

4. No failures, only outcomes: as long as I learn something I’m succeeding

5. If I can’t I must. If I must I can.

6. Life is a process, not an outcome. I am becoming.

7. The journey is the reward

8. I am patiently compelled

9. I have personal power

10. Everything happens for a reason & purpose that serve me

11. If it doesn’t work, I am about to learn something, get something new, or find something even better ahead

12. Masterpieces take time

13. I strive to become balanced daily

14. It’s OK to be afraid: it’s not what I feel, but what I DO that matters

15. I am master of my states

16. I find great joy in little things....a smile, a sunset, a new day, a friendly gesture

17. If I don’t like the way something feels, I do something else or change the way I’m evaluating it

18. I give more to myself & others than anyone expects

19. Direction is more important than outcome

20. I create my own reality and am responsible for what I create

21. If I’m confused, I’m about to learn something

22. I treat others with ultimate respect

23. Everyday above ground is a great day

24. Any communication is an expression of love: violence or anger is a bound up expression of love; the highest level the person can do at the time

25. There is only one thing / event which is you / I which is everything. I see me everywhere & in everyone

26. I am not my body, I am not my mind. I am something called being

27. The purpose of being is to expand

These beliefs & statements are the lenses he looks at life through and what enable him to contribute to millions of lives (from presidents to prisoners) across 7 continents.

Could any of them serve you or anyone you know?


Life is too short to try & figure it all out ourselves. We don't need to reinvent the wheel!

Chances are that when things work for others (in any arena), if we do the same, we will get similar results.

If you think life could be more rewarding or you could be happier, are any of these statements worth exploring or playing with?

- Could you evaluate what your thought process is?
- Are you habitually using ideas or self-talk that isn't serving you?
- Could you adopt some of the statements above or come up with your own empowering philosophy?

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” - Dr Wayne Dyer


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