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OK, so here's another four resources which many 10,000's are benefiting from which you should definitely be aware of - to potentially add to your toolkit, so that you can draw upon them at any point in time....


Resource 1: Automated, affordable Transcription - rapidly turn any video or audio into text - www.Temi.com

A game changer in the Transcription arena, Temi is a new, automated Transcription service with 98% accuracy & returns to you the transcription of your file in 5 minutes or less for just $0.10 per minute.

You can transcribe (convert to text) in many ways:

- upload or share any video or audio file
- paste in any YouTube or hosted video URL (it doesn't have to be yours)
- simply talk into the desktop version or app (iOS & Android)


You can use it for creating content, such as 'writing' blog posts or articles, for research and for pulling the spoken word out of videos & audios, to add PDF's or transcriptions of training as value added content alongside your videos or for adding to YouTube as a transcription (which is one of YouTube's ranking factors).

You can even use Temi as one of our clients did, to help them get their ideas for a book out of their head & into text format, as a first draft.

They had been wanting to write a book for years, but with a full time job & three young children couldn't sit down & get into the flow to focus on it properly.

We told them about this app & they then spent three days on holiday talking into the app (in between dips in the sea & sipping their cocktails on their lounger - literally) and by the end of the holiday they had the first draft of their book which they just tidied up, edited & had printed within 6 weeks.

Sound useful? How much more could you get done or how much time could you free up with this?

www.Temi.com - bookmark it!


Resource 2: A world of audiobooks - www.Audible.co.uk

OK, it's not new but we're consistently amazed at how many people we speak to who still don't know this exists!

So if you're like us, you find that you're pushed to find the time to finish all the books you want to read. Or perhaps you are an audio learner rather than a visual learner. Or possibly you prefer to listening to content whilst doing other things such as walking, exercising, domestic chores, travelling, resting etc.  

Well there's a whole world of audio-books waiting to be enjoyed, enabling you to appreciate your wish-list of books through your ears.....and you can listen at anytime through your computer, device or phone app.

You can also make & bookmark notes, use the sleep timer, give as gifts, get recommendations & access their free content!

Our subscription helps ensure we listen to at least 3 books a month which is 36 a year. We'd never be able to physically read that many!


Resource 3: Visual, free project & task management tool & app - www.trello.com

Trello is a task management app that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on it. It is based on the Kanban system, which was developed in Toyota as a system to keep production levels high and maintain flexibility.

Basically Trello is a visual & easy to use system of boards, lists and cards.

It was created & based around the popular & effective technique of brainstorm sessions where sticky notes are posted up on a wall (or board) and then tasks are assigned to different people (or prioritised if just using it yourself), with the flexible ability to duplicate, rearrange, share, prioritise, invite members, allocate responsibility, create checklists, attach images, video, audio, files etc

It works with drag & drop simplicity and is deservedly very popular. We love it!
(Note: Asana is the other leading project management app)

Image Below: An example of a Trello Board, with lists consisting of multiple cards.


TUTORIAL VIDEO BELOW: How to get started with Trello


Resource 4: Animated Book Summaries -


There are 1000's of wonderful YouTube channels & videos, however since we're talking about the importance of respecting time, this is a channel which will give you back more of yours by helping you garner the key concepts & principles from many significant books in minutes rather than hours & days.

The Fight Mediocrity channel creator has kindly taken the time to read over 70 influential books & created animated summaries for us.

Obviously it's not the same as reading or listening to a full book, however it's a great resource non the less & a great time saver!


OK so that's it for this post, short & sweet but hopefully useful for you. 4 very useful resources that are well worth knowing about:

1. www.Temi.com

2. www.Audible.co.uk

3. www.Trello.com

4. www.youtube.com/user/phuckmediocrity/videos 


More useful resources & tools coming next week.

Stay Amazing!


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