17 Reasons Why Wordpress is the #1 Website Platform & How to Easily Create A Site


The short video above explains why Wordpress is the #1 Website platform of choice & why you should seriously consider being able to use it!

There are thousands of people around the world wanting to see & hear what you have to say & offer & a Wordpress Website is a great way to help you reach them.

If you already have a website you may want to consider updating with Wordpress & / or some of the fantastic free added functionality from free plugins. Don't take our word for it, see the summary below.

WORDPRESS: The 17 Biggest Reasons why it's so popular 

1. Wordpress is totally FREE….it’s open source & being improved daily
2. It’s Easy to Instal & Use. Most hosting companies now provide a 1 click installation facility
3. Total versatility & control over every aspect. Drag & Drop editing options (or coding options for programmers)
4. Wordpress is Scaleable. Easy to grow to ANY size in alignment with your needs, from the smallest to the biggest site!
5. Speed of Implementation. Launch rapidly - you can have an idea & have a professional site up in under an hour
6. Easily add any functionality… there are 1000’s of free plugins (apps) covering every function you could possibly need e.g.contact & booking forms, security, social media, search engine optimisation etc
7. It’s got a very solid reputation, is safe, secure & trusted by over 75 million users!
8. There are 1000’s of beautiful designs (themes) to choose from. Select from generic, customisable templates or choose ready made industry specific styles. You can easily change the look & feel with a 3 click theme change.
9. Supports multi-media. It’s easy to add videos, images or audio into pages or posts
10. It’s trusted for over 75 million sites including many world leading brands such as BBC America, Star Wars, Sony Playstation, Microsoft, Vogue, Metro, Mercedes Benz, Obama, Usain Bolt, Walt Disney, TED
11. Google & search engines LOVE Wordpress. It has powerful & very easy to use SEO capabilities to help your site rank e.g. fast loading, good coding, XML sitemap, navigation, image optimisation, social media integration
12. Community Support - Easy access to 1000’s of Wordpress programmers who can make any designs or technical changes for you
13. 100% responsive & mobile ready. The platform is built to the latest web standards & sites are accessible on any device
14. Easy to integrate with social media & other services. Simple 3rd party integrations if needed.
15. Totally customisable! You can use Wordpress to create a
- Membership site like Udemy
- eCommerce site like eBay
- Blog like TechCrunch
- Video site like YouTube
- Photography site like Flickr
- Directory site like Yellow Pages
- Q&A forum like Quora
- Knowledgebase site like Wiki
16. Very Importantly - Being able to create & edit Wordpress Sites is one of the most important & transferable skillets ANYONE can acquire in today’s technologically global marketplace.
It makes anyone much more empowered as an individual &/or valuable as an employee
17. Hugely in-demand service. There's a big opportunity to earn money providing these skills as millions of people & businesses need (& want) help creating or improving a Wordpress Website!
There you have it. 17 of the biggest reasons Wordpress has become THE web platform of choice.
A couple of questions to ask yourself:
- Have you got a Wordpress Website? 
- Do you know how to create, edit or outsource Wordpress sites?
- Do you know the best free plugins (apps) to boost site functionality, security & performance?
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