13 Tips To Conquer Distractions & Get More Done - A 1 minute video summary


Hi there,

What's the one thing we all have equal in any given day?

What's the one thing we hate people disrespecting or wasting?

The answer (of course) is TIME.


Each one of us gets 24 hours in any given day and what we do with it determines our ultimate happiness & outcome in life!


Is it fair to suggest that most of us would like to work smarter (not harder) to free up more of this precious resource to spend it exactly how we wish, with the people, passions & projects we most care about?

Would you like 13 quick tips summarised in a 1.5 minute video?

If so, watch the short video above where we've distilled the key takeouts from an hour long episode (#306) of Shawn Stevenson's excellent 'Model Health Show' (rated as the number one Health podcast on iTunes).

Reclaim your time!

13 Tips to Conquer Distractions & Get More Done - A Quick Summary

1. Switch off notifications across devices - the average person checks their phone 150 times per day. How much of that is truly important & essential?


2. When working move your phone out of arm’s reach. Break the ‘Just Checking’ dopamine hit habit / addiction


3. Declutter. Have a clean focus / workspace.  Clutter causes visual stress & consumes mental space.


4. Move your apps so they’re not all constantly shouting for your attention. Test putting them in a folder or try moving them onto the 2nd page.


5. Meditate - learn to control & navigate your internal distractions & be present.
“Pay undistracted attention to the present moment.” - Michael Beckwith


6. Block distracting sites during focus time. Free app called ‘Self Control to Focus’ has a timer facility.


7. Block distracting people - you can communicate WHY with them. Put a positive perimeter around your focus time.


8. Stop multitasking - especially with mental tasks (combining physical & mental tasks can be ok). There is at least a 15 minute switching residue which results in lower focus.


9. Workout & exercise - helps neutralise attention deficit & enhances both focus, productivity & (feel good) endorphins


10. Rest well - if you are sleep deprived you are more likely to get distracted & increase cyber loafing


11. Consider doing the most important thing first (or as Brian Tracy says ‘Eat The Frog’). Follow your own clock as to when you are most productive.


12. Use conducive background music - using headphones can give off a message of undistracted focus.


13. Start the day without distraction - give time to yourself BEFORE tending to the phone, email etc. Create empowering, nurturing habits (reference Tony Robbins ‘Hour of Power’ / Hal Elrod ‘The Miracle Morning)

Take control of your attention & minimise the impact of the weapons of mass distraction.

Use whichever ideas resonate or work for you & please share with others to help them claim back more of THEIR time!

Feel free to share with others in the comments below if you have any specific ideas or tips you'd like to add or which work for you.

(Summarised for quick & easy consumption from Shawn Stevenson’s excellent Model Health Show Episode 306)



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