1 hour bonus training video - top tools, YouTube ranking tips, 28 days to selling online challenge & bonus tips!

We have just uploaded a bonus training webinar video packed with practical tips for you (see below). There are at least 7 potentially big take outs from the session & some very useful links for you to have.

We have also uploaded the slides for you to download & keep.

Access is 100% free & instant, you just need to enter your name & email (this is to enable us to keep giving you solid bonus content & to prevent spammers). Click on any of 3 the images below....

Please note: if you have previously entered your details, you still need to enter your name & email to access the video & slides but don't worry, you will not get duplicate emails or contacts...it's a security precaution for all of us!

(Click the image for instant access)

Click on the images above to access the training & slides.

Enjoy the resources!


If you'd like...

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How to remove Ads & Pop Ups on iPhone, iOS & Android


If you get frustrated by ads constantly popping up & stealing your time & attention whilst on your mobile device you may want to consider following one of these videos (showing how to remove ads on both iOS & Android).

The iOS tutorial (ABOVE) also has a bonus tip of how to play YouTube videos in the background, so that you can listen to YouTube audio whilst using other apps (as opposed to it constantly cutting out the moment you exit the app).

We hope this gives you back some time & improves your user experience.

How to remove Popup ads from Android devices...

How to remove ads from iPhone, iOS devices & how to keep YouTube playing in the background...

How to stop YouTube cutting out & keep YouTube audio playing in the background on iPhones & iOS devices....


We hope you found these tips useful & will give you back more of your time!

Have a great week.

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What's holding you back? How to deal with fear, haters & critics - expert's top video tips

All of us are impacted to a greater or lesser extent by the words, thoughts & actions of others.

However, very often we give our power over to others & hold ourselves back due to any combination of fear of judgement, criticism, not being good enough, rejection or failure. It's important to remember that all of us share (to greater or lesser extents) these very human emotions in different areas of our lives.

Below is an inspiring collection of motivating & practical video advice for dealing with fear, haters & critics - from a range of thought leaders & experts who are doing great things within their arenas.


Remember, we'd very quickly tell someone to 'sling their hook' if they spoke to us the way we sometimes speak to ourselves.

We need to learn to be our own best friend & supporter as we are the one constant throughout the whole of our lives!

We hope the tips below help you on your journey & ensure you don't value other people's opinions &...

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Free Video Training - 20 Ways to Use Video & 15 'LIVE' Mistakes to avoid

We've just uploaded a new 70 minute training which you can access instantly here

You know how popular video is right?

Just ask yourself, how much video content am I watching myself?

And in terms of your involvement with it & embracing the opportunity you're either in the mix to be counted or you're out of it!

How many of the (more than) 100 video uses are you putting to use in your business or projects?

In this free video you're going to get a fast-track & learn from The Online Video Academy founder Ben Brophy 20 ways you can potentially embrace & utilise video immediately PLUS 15 LIVE mistakes to easily avoid.

Get instant free access to watch the video by clicking here

Enjoy the content - there's some really good tips for you!

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Our habits largely determine our outcome in life! How to build good ones & break bad ones....

habits productivity Jun 28, 2019

We've just got back from delivering a brilliant 3 day event down under in Sydney. It went extremely well & as always a lot of the added value was in the informal sharing & interaction with delegates late into the evening.

One of the conversations was on the topic of which books from the past year have been most impactful & I had no hesitation in recommending James Clear's Atomic Habits.

The book became an instant New York Times best seller when released at the end of 2018 & was the Financial Times book of the month whilst subsequently being featured across dozens of networks, media outlets (including Time, Entrepreneur & Forbes) & on numerous influencer's podcasts & YouTube channels.


Why the fuss & why has it been so influential?

Because all of us are creatures of habit & our habits will largely determine our overall results & happiness in life.

So it pays to understand how we can build good habits & break ones that don't serve us....

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HALF PRICE FLASH SALE & announcing your access to new free platform


Please play the video above

We hope this finds you very well. I'm just about to head off with the team to deliver a 3 day training event in Australia, but before I go I wanted to follow my instinct & pass on the feelings of goodness & abundance by letting you know about a great new platform you're going to get access to for FREE & also by gifting you with a HALF PRICE FLASH SALE!

1. In the next month you will be receiving details about a brand new platform which will provide you with some of the world's best training across the interconnected areas of life. It was a strong vision I had & I know that collectively the platform will add huge value to many people's lives around the world. I hope yours is one of them!

Keep your eyes & ears open for more details very soon ;)


2. I'm feeling so excited & on purpose with this new project that this morning I intuited to gift you with a HALF PRICE FLASH SALE, giving you a short window & opportunity to secure...

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28 days to your first £785 ($1000) online - Free Step by Step, Fully Guided Kajabi Hero Challenge


(Please watch the video above)

If you’ve ever wanted to sell online courses or have your own online business teaching others what you know, this may be the fastest way to get you there.

In our digital world today there’s no denying that we’re constantly bombarded with distractions.

Do this!

Do that!

Oh no no no. Try this instead!


It’s easier now than ever to get pulled in different directions and look back weeks, months, or even a year from now and feel frustrated at your lack of progress towards your dream business.

Well like I said, what I’m sharing with you today may very well be the fastest and most effective path to finally get you where you want to be. At least when it comes to selling digital products online.

You probably don't know this but I personally spent over a year researching & trialling different tools & options. That's a lot of time, money & effort. I have to say I am SO GLAD that I chose to use a platform called...

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Our Little Black Book of Trusted Webbies & Designers for You - Essential for Any Project or Business


Please see the video above!

A key for ANY business or project is finding good web developers & designers who are extremely skilled, capable, experienced, competitively priced, trustworthy & dependable.

We'd like to save you a lot of potential time, frustration & effort by sharing 4 of our favourites.

Even if you're not in the market (or don't have the need) right now, make a note of these contacts & bookmark them as they could come in very handy & save you time, effort, frustration & energy.

Additionally, you may know other people who are after a good webby or designer, so please feel free to pass these recommendations on. It's all about helping each other!

All of these recommendations are people we know, like & trust....

1. www.MadeByAnalogue.co.uk
email [email protected]

First up is Barry Darnell from Made By Analogue who I've known for over 20 years. He's a great guy who's created one of the UK's top design agencies through the combination of...

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2 powerful tools everyone should be aware of.....is your life on track?


I hope this finds you very well.

So I've just returned from a mind-blowing month in Peru fusing work, charity, adventure, challenge, growth & planning. I've never had as many 'wow' moments in such a short space of time!

A few days ago myself & a small group of adventurers completed what is respected as one of the world's most beautiful 8 day treks....the Huayhuash Trek in the Cordillera Blanca mountains range. Highly, highly recommended if you like the big outdoors & a physical challenge. 

Whilst spending between 9 & 10 hours trekking through stunning scenery at over 5000 metres & with pure, clean air & chi, there's a lot of time to contemplate, assess life & be at one.

There was also time to have quality, intimate discussions with members of our small group.


What was interesting was that each evening I would ask the group 'what was one of the highlights from today?'  And on two two occasions, different members answered 'contemplating...

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4 Useful Resources You Should Be Aware Of....Save Time, Work Smarter, Learn Faster


(Note - There's a short explainer video from Ben Brophy above...)

Welcome - thanks for taking the time to check this out!

OK, so here's another four resources which many 10,000's are benefiting from which you should definitely be aware of - to potentially add to your toolkit, so that you can draw upon them at any point in time....


Resource 1: Automated, affordable Transcription - rapidly turn any video or audio into text - www.Temi.com

A game changer in the Transcription arena, Temi is a new, automated Transcription service with 98% accuracy & returns to you the transcription of your file in 5 minutes or less for just $0.10 per minute.

You can transcribe (convert to text) in many ways:

- upload or share any video or audio file
- paste in any YouTube or hosted video URL (it doesn't have to be yours)
- simply talk into the desktop version or app (iOS & Android)


You can use it for creating content, such as 'writing' blog posts or articles, for research and for...

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