2020 - Your Best Year Yet

A FREE 3 part video series of simple tools, resources & exercises to help you create the future YOU want.

Make 2020 special. Make it YOUR Year!


Video 1: Where Are You?

Before you look towards 2020 & the year ahead, the first important exercise is to gain perspective & identify your current location by taking this holistic snapshot!


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Download your FREE Exercise Worksheets

Make this next year one of your best yet. Download &/or print off these worksheets to get the most from these videos & exercises.

Video 2: Reflecting on 2019

Taking the time to contemplate these powerful reflective questions will set you up powerfully for 2020


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Video 3: Co-Creating Your 2020

Set intentions & create exciting goals for each area of your life & accelerate their attainment with these questions & contemplations....


Want support, accountability or custom 1:1 to help accelerate your results in 2019? Discover more...


REMINDER - Download your FREE Exercise Worksheets

Remember to download &/or print off these worksheets to get the most from these videos & exercises.

Bonus Video Tip

How to easily create a digital visionboard & use your computer to help inspire, motivate & focus you.


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Extra Resources & Training

3 New Mini-Courses - £27

Due to multiple requests, brand new, step by step online training on hot topics for 2020:
1. How to create & distribute podcasts
2. How to create, edit & share videos on iPhone
3. Create professional webpages in minutes

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Video Workshop, new dates, 50% off for you & 3 Part payment!

All of 2019's video marketing fast-track workshops sold out, so due to request we've added 2 new dates for the start of 2020.
Video continues to be the number one growth area online in 2020. This 1 day workshop will save you £1000s in time & money. Learn the tools, tips & resources.

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FREE training resource... you'll be very 1st to receive!

We've been working long & hard behind the scenes to get phase 1 of a big new project ready for you, pulling together some of the world's leading thinkers into one, coherent library. You will be granted free access imminently to a portal of goodness & empowering content.  You will be among the very first in the world to gain access.


If you'd like further support!

If you'd like personal, custom support or accountability there are a limited number of 1:1 slots available at the start of 2020. Below are the most common reasons people opt for this support....

See Benefits of Coaching & Current Special Offer Prices Below

Why people choose 1:1's

Momentum & motivation

It's easy to let the small stuff get in the way of the bigger stuff. Get support & clarity to help remain motivated & build momentum!


Get perspective & clarity

Sometimes an objective set of expert eyes is all that's needed to help regain perspective & clarity & identify the next steps forward.


Confidential comraderie

There's too much judgement, gossip & hearsay in today's world! Many people appreciate having a 100% confidential sounding board.


Remain Focussed/Ontrack

Life is busy & hectic with non-stop distractions & so much clamoring for our attention. Get support to help you remain focused & on track.


Stay on the cutting edge

There are new tools, techniques & resources coming out by the month. Stay on the front foot & leading edge to help reap the benefits.


95% more likely to succeed!

It's proven that with ACCOUNTABILITY you're 95% more likely to succeed if you have follow up calls with the person to whom you commit!


WHY should anyone invest in further support?

This is the statistical probability of achieving your goals:

- 10% if you have an idea

- 50% if you make a plan to do it

- 65% if you promise someone else you will do it

- 95% if you have a specific accountability appointment with the person to whom you commit

Source: American Society for Training & Development www.astd.org



Would you like further support? - Benefit from private 1:1's

Accelerate your progress with these current special support offers. When we do the same things we get the same results, so if you're even half thinking about it, trust your gut & act on your instinct!

1:1 with Ben Brophy or expert of choice


- 100% customised 1:1 call focused on your exact requirements

- Ideal for specific goals, issues, challenges, tutorials or topics where one call can provide a fast-track solution

- Follow up call notes

- Follow up accountability (optional)

- Flexible dates & timing around your schedule

- Calls online via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp - voice &/or video, your preferance.

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----------------- V.I.P -------------- 4 x 45 min 1:1 Calls


OR 3 monthly payments of £111

- 100% customised 1:1 calls focused on your exact requirements

- Ideal for specific goals, issues, challenges, tutorials or topics

- This program is designed to kick-start your progress. It offers an affordable taster of 1:1 coaching with Ben & enables you to gain more momentum than a one off call.

- 4 x 45 minute consultations

- Follow up accountability & support in between calls (optional)

- Follow up call notes & shared online file

- To maintain progress, consultations  taken within 6 months of commencement (unless decided otherwise).

- Flexible dates & timing around your schedule

- You can opt to pay in full (£297) or in three monthly installments of £111

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------- V.I.P MOMENTUM ------- 6 x 1 Hour 1:1 Calls


OR 4 monthly payments of £138.75

- 100% customised 1:1 call focused on your exact requirements

- Ideal for specific goals, issues, challenges, tutorials or topics

- Statistically you are 95% more likely to succeed if you commit to a series of ONGOING private support & have accountability & follow up!

- This program offers the best value, with 6 1 hour 1 to 1 calls to progress forward

- Gain clarity on current situation

- Assessment of objectives & ideal outcomes

- Accountability follow ups between sessions (optional)

- Follow up call notes & shared online file

- Email support in between consultations.

- To keep momentum, consultations to be taken within 8 months of commencing the program (unless decided otherwise).

- You can opt to pay in full  (£497) or in four monthly installments of £138.75

YES - I want to accelerate my results with 6x1:1 Private Calls

"I wish I'd met Ben years ago. His insight, knowledge & wisdom would have saved me SO much time, money & frustration."

Karmin Meckael
Sales & Confidence Trainer

"A phenomenal day's content & what's more is WHERE Ben is coming from with his coaching. He REALLY, genuinely cares for people & their individual needs. ESSENTIAL!"

Paul Hornsey Pennell
Executive Coach & Premiere League Trainer

"Ben is an expert in his field of video, audio and training businesses all over the world. He is also an excellent, patient, professional teacher and coach. He is very generous in sharing his wealth of knowledge so that you get clarity about what YOU need, to grow YOUR business. If you are serious about growing your business and want to be up there with the best then I highly recommend you get training and help from Ben to get excellent results for your business and get your stress levels downed your success levels going up! "

Angie Vaughan
Professional therapist & trainer

"Ben is a go-to expert in his field. Taking what he & Simon Coulson shared with me I have created a multi-million pound, global training business which all started with videos on YouTube. THANK YOU Ben"

Frankie Widdows
Founder, www.EyelashExcellence.com

"For over 6 years Ben has consistently delivered expert insight, training, coaching & perspective to our international offices & teams - recognised as one of the UK's top 100 companies to work for. This past year he has created a whole library of custom video training content for our entire organisation on our intranet. Leading edge content & amazing value for money."

Gareth Lloyd
Founder & Director, www.AmoriaBond.com

"10/10 - Outstanding. It would take more than a lifetime to find this knowledge & all shared in just one day! Fantastic"

Alan Crouch
MBA, AcFIOEE, CEO - The Business Growth School

"Ben Brophy is a rare man; a man of honour, heart, integrity and vision. Ben has helped me throughout the years, in many ways to find my way through social media. A gentle teacher and a successful one. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone."

Fiona Arrigo
Founder, The Arrigo Programme

"I first met Ben several years ago where he was speaking & training at a Simon Coulson 3 day Internet Marketing course. I was instantly blown away by his knowledge, expertise and professionalism. He was the person who truly opened my eyes to the awesome power of video and how it would change online marketing forever. Since then it has done just that. I now have a video agency with high value clients and we help those people clarify their message and skyrocket their Return on Investment using video. I pretty much attribute where I am today to Ben Brophy."

Brian Kennedy
Digital Director, Gatehouse Media

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