Enhance your relationships with this POWERFUL insight

Our daily life is built around relationships - with loved ones, parents, children, colleagues, clients & those we interact with. The tips in the summary video below are from Gary Chapman's international best sellers which have helped millions around the world to easily understand & improve their relationships & thus quality of life.


Video sharing 100's of resources

Click on the video below to see how you can instantly access 100's of carefully curated tips from world experts covering interconnected areas of work & life. Make a note & bookmark this page - www.bit.ly/fasttrackresourcepage

FREE Poster - A world leader's life philosophy to support your life & emotional well-being. Tony Robbins 27 Empowering Reframes

Click play to listen to this audio where Ben Brophy summarises a summary of Tony Robbins 'Personal Philosophy - 27 empowering reframes' - which could be of benefit and of use to you or your loved ones, family or colleagues. Basically, it's a summary of Tony Robins thought process of how he processes anything going on around him. I can honestly say these have made a HUGE difference to my life & many, many others.....

Download these 27 empowering reframes - Complimentary Printable Poster

A printable design I had created of these 27 empowering reframes in a choice of 7 colours for your private use.

Audio Podcast - Practical & useful takeouts from Tony Robbins Weekend Part 1

Click play to listen to this new audio where Ben Brophy summarises a few useful & practical reminders (part 1) from Tony Robbins' Unleash The Power Weekend. You will be reminded of: - the cyclical nature of life - the power of meaning & questions - how you can change how you feel in any given moment - an important reframe & shortcut to ongoing happiness & wellbeing - access to dozens of powerful healing, mindfulness & meditation resources - how you can easily record, edit & share audio like this. CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON TO LISTEN


The outcome & guarantee of this new training is that you will be able to record, edit & share audio across the internet across Spotify, Google & major platforms to potentially reach 10000's. New Zoom dates just added - click here for details

Click Here for details & Access to Live Training, Recordings & Follow Up Webinar £100 off - JUST £45

Arguably one of the most important ideas you need to be aware of (in video below)...

We are living through strange & challenging times, so we've made this video to help give you more clarity, confidence, certainty & perspective as to what you can do to help improve your business income (potentially significantly) both now & in the future!

It shows how focussing on JUST 3 KEY AREAS can have an EXPONENTIAL impact (Iit's a summary of one of the world's top business coach's #1 strategy) - followed by our sharing of 30 practical tips you could use to see tangible results!

Prefer to listen to the audio of the video - we've got you covered. Click on the green button!
Listen to audio version - Click Here

New Training - The smartest way to increase revenues, especially in troubled times!

The outcome of this new training is that you will know EXACTLY what you can do to make the most of these uncertain times & understand what actions you can take to (potentially) significantly improve your revenue.

This new training goes in depth sharing dozens upon dozens of tactics you can apply to each of the 3 Key Areas outlined in the game changing Optimisation strategy outlined in the video above.

Includes >2.5 hours video training / Downloadable Worksheets & Action Planners / Black Book of Contacts & Service Providers / Ongoing updates & more.

Click Here for details & Instant Access
(if you're on this page, your special coupon
is OPTIMISATION47 - access for £47 not £147)

Lockdown Special 1 Day Trainings

Video Marketing Fast-Track

Flagship training packed full of industry insider tips, tools, resources & hacks.  Save months of frustration & a stack of money by getting the fast-track. Includes bonuses, extra trainings & tutorials.

Subscribers SPECIAL - 1/3 price

The #1 Video & Podcasting Tool

Recording of new live training of the number 1 tool Ben uses daily for multiple different uses.

(Instant access to recordings PLUS a place on future live event)

Details & Access - Click Here

Create & Share Podcasts

How to set up, record, edit & distribute audio content (podcasts) across the top platforms using FREE tools & software. Fast, easy, powerful, transferable skillset to potentially reach millions!

Details & Access - Click Here

Working from home?

Whether for yourself, family, friends or colleagues - please bookmark & save this resource which has been curated with dozens of useful resources to help deal with working from home / lockdowns. It's been created in service so please feel free to pass it on!

FREE Guide & Resources - Click here

'Friends & Family'
New Trainings & Support Options

Assistance for
these times!

Since Lockdown many people have reached out & asked if I could offer more trainings & a wider range of support options, so in response I am delighted to present you with a range of solutions for all requirements.

As always, I am here to assist you along this journey to save you time, effort, stress, frustration & money....whilst sharing proven tools, resources & ideas which can enhance your happiness & success.

My primary motive (& purpose) is one of service,
ESPECIALLY in these challenging & uncertain times.

New Mini Courses - Click Here

Rapid Implementation Mini-Courses
Just £15 each - Instant Access

Super affordable, convenient & PRACTICAL bite size step by step video trainings providing you with very fast & easy solutions so that you can rapidly learn & implement these important & in demand skill-sets.
Very special generous pricing to assist YOU in these uncertain times!

How to create professional videos for free

Step by step walk through of one of the best & easiest video tools - and it's free! Access 100000's of images for free, add voice overs, slick templates & create pro videos.

Create pro video in minutes - £15

How to create beautiful pro webpages in minutes

Within moments you'll be able to create beautiful, professional webpages - be it for a service, event, product - anything at all. And access 10000's of free professional imagery.

Access brand new mini-course

How to create professional graphics for free

Create stunning graphics & artwork for social media, marketing & websites. Easy to use, FREE, industry insider tools that will save you a fortune & impress your audiences.

Instant Access - Create pro design

Access 10000's of audio, music & sounds for free

Learn where you can get the perfect audio to use for free for any creations - podcasts, videos, websites & creative content.


YouTube Essentials - Upload Best Practice

So many people upload to YouTube yet fail to follow the most essential key components & thus waste their energy & lose opportunity. Learn how in this fast-track mini course


How to create pro websites with artificial intelligence in minutes

A brand new cutting edge platform enables you to easily & rapidly create professional websites in just minutes


Create almost any kind of video, easily & save £100's

Learn the number one resource which agencies & video companies don't want you to know about. Create almost any type of video easily with these resources.


How to easily create videos on your smartphone

You've never had it so good. You can create multiple types of videos on your smartphone. Learn how to use the top two video apps to create & share pro videos.


How to save time, money & frustration (& win) on eBay

If you ever use eBay you need to know about this free tool & hack. Win more bids at lower prices, detach from emotion when bidding & act like a ninja. Save money, time & furstration.


80% engagement increase! How to add text to videos

80% of social videos are watched on mute! The person who can capture the most attention wins.  Learn how you can easily greatly enhance the engagement on your videos.


Also available...

Mindset, motivation & well-being mini-course series imminent

"Success & happiness is 20% mechanics & 80% mindset". With that in mind (and in addition to the more technical tools & ideas), I will be sharing some of the top mindset ideas. I have been fortuate to work alongside some of the very best in this field & done a lot of work with businesses & people all over world. I realise it is an area many people need at the moment, so for the first time will be sharing some of the best practical ideas in online content.

Training & Support Options

Please use the links above for the support or training you would like. The business question to ask is 'what is the likely return on investment?' I know that even one insight, tool, reframe or skill can give you multiple times the nominal investment. If you'd like sessions for a team or have any questions please get in touch via [email protected]

CUSTOM 1:1 with Ben Brophy


'Uncertain Times' Half price special

- 100% customised 1:1 call focussed on your exact requirements

- Follow up accountability (optional)

- Flexible dates & timing around your schedule. Can be taken any time in the next 12 months.

Personal 1:1 - YES!

5 Custom 1:1 Sessions


'Uncertain Times' Special
5 HALF PRICE sessions for 4

- Gain momentum & consistency with 5 Private Support Calls with Ben focussed on your evolving needs & wants.

- Accountability check ins (optional)

- Lock in the pricing now, sessions can be taken any time in the next 12 months.

5 x 1:1 Sessions

Annual 12 Month Pass & Support


1 x £297 or 2 x £149

- Gain momentum & consistency access to all mini-courses

- 3 new trainings added per month

- Monthly interactive webinar x 12

Annual 12 Month Pass & Support

Monthly Membership


£14pm (min 3 months)

- Access to all mini courses

- Min 2 new trainings per month

- Bonus resources

£14 per month

"I wish I'd met Ben years ago. His insight, knowledge & wisdom would have saved me SO much time, money & frustration."

Karmin Meckael
Sales & Confidence Trainer

"A phenomenal day's content & what's more is WHERE Ben is coming from with his coaching. He REALLY, genuinely cares for people & their individual needs. ESSENTIAL!"

Paul Hornsey Pennell
Executive Coach & Premiere League Trainer

"Ben is an expert in his field of video, audio and training businesses all over the world. He is also an excellent, patient, professional teacher and coach. He is very generous in sharing his wealth of knowledge so that you get clarity about what YOU need, to grow YOUR business. If you are serious about growing your business and want to be up there with the best then I highly recommend you get training and help from Ben to get excellent results for your business and get your stress levels downed your success levels going up! "

Angie Vaughan
Professional therapist & trainer

"Ben is a go-to expert in his field. Taking what he & Simon Coulson shared with me I have created a multi-million pound, global training business which all started with videos on YouTube. THANK YOU Ben"

Frankie Widdows
Founder, www.EyelashExcellence.com

"For over 6 years Ben has consistently delivered expert insight, training, coaching & perspective to our international offices & teams. Amazing value for money."

Gareth Lloyd
Founder & Director, www.AmoriaBond.com

"I can't thank Ben enough for the information he imparted during our coaching call. He shared resources with me that I never knew existed and gave me amazing ideas to move my business forward. Ben is the ultimate professional and exceptionally knowledgeable on all things online marketing. He's both encouraging and practical with his advice, and it's very evident he wants you to succeed. I'm so excited about putting his suggestions into action. My next steps are now crystal clear and that's exactly what I needed. Thank you Ben!"

Sonia Rosenblatt
Founder, SavvySeo.co.uk

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help yesterday. It is very hard to keep the motivation going without feedback and the 1 to 1 session with you was great not only because of your knowledge on internet marketing but also for your enthusiasm you bring to our discussion. The support and knowledge you shared with me yesterday I am certain will help me succeed in my new project. Thanks again for your genuine support & caring, and I look forward to showing you what I have implemented as a result of our meeting next time."

John Pedretti

"Thank you so much for all the wisdom, insights, positivity & perspective you have helped me with through our calls Ben. No matter how I am feeling before our sessions I always leave inspired & with new ways of approaching things."

Maryllis Gonzalez
Film Production Manager

"9 years ago on August 11th 2011 we met for a brief few moments at a Simon Coulson Internet Marketing course and YOU changed the course of my life. All with an Animoto video. You introduced me to the power of video which has been my ROCK since then and made me, AND my 2 adult sons, whom I educated, just as you did me, high multiple 5 figures per annum - and continues to do so every day. We're now scaling our DM agency to low/medium 6 figures in the next 12 months. This is largely down to you. What you taught me, how you opened my eyes - and I continue to follow your journey every day. BTW, I agree with every damn thing you say 100% . I want to thank you and say, keep doing what you're doing. You're nothing less than a f**king rock star and I couldn't be more grateful for having met you and learned from you - and continue to do so. I hope you read this message with as much feeling as I sent it. You're a bloody legend and you deserve whatever success and happiness you manifest into your life. Thanks Ben, I owe you big time!"

Brian Kennedy
Digital Marketing Agency Director


1:1 Support - Specials

There are12 monthly 1:1 spaces available at half price for subscribers to assist through these uncertain times.

1:1 Support Options

Monthly Membership

Stay abreast of leading trends & tools with updated access to a minimum of 2 new mini-courses each month plus bonus trainings.

Stay on the leading edge


If you need reassurance please take a moment to check out a few of 100's of testimonials from recent years

What other's say - here

Joint Venture

If you have an audience who you'd like me to share with then get in touch. We can either co-deliver content or I can deliver the content & you bring the people. Easy way to work 50/50

Custom Training

If you have a team or business & would like custom training please get in touch. I have worked all over the world delivering both inhouse & online training


Please get in touch if you have an online or offline event you'd like to consider me for.

Reasons to invest in coaching & 1:1 support

It's different for each person but below are some of the main reasons to consider coaching & support (with whoever that may be)

Save time, effort & energy

Life is too short to try & figure it out yourself. FAST-TRACK your results through the experience & insight of experts.

Be held accountable

You are 95% more likely to succeed if you have an accountability appointment with the person to whom you commit!


Remain Focussed/Ontrack

Life is busy & hectic with so much clamouring for out attention. Having  support can help you remain focussed & on track.


Stay on the cutting edge

There are new techniques, tools & resources coming out by the month. Stay on the leading edge to reap the benefits.


Momentum & motivation

It's easy to let the small stuff get in the way of the bigger stuff. Get support & clarity to help remain motivated & build momentum!

Confidential comraderie

Unfortunately judgement, gossip & hearsay are too prevalent! Many people appreciate having a 100% confidential sounding board outside their normal sphere.

Get perspective & clarity

Sometimes an objective set of expert eyes is all that's needed to help regain perspective, clarity & identify the next steps forward.

Save money & rapidly learn new skills

Time is your most precious resource. Guard & invest it to shortcut the time to learn new ideas, skills & best-practices.

Stack the odds in your favour!

This is the statistical probability of achieving your goals:

- 10% if you have an idea

- 50% if you make a plan to do it

- 65% if you promise someone else you will do it

- 95% if you have a specific accountability appointment with the person to whom you commit

Source: American Society for Training & Development www.astd.org



Remember to bookmark / share this FREE resource!

Whether for yourself, family, friends or colleagues bookmark this resource to dip into at any time & have quick access to a range of videos from top experts sharing tips covering areas of life relevant to most of us including -

- Business & Marketing / Communication & Negotiation / Confidence / Dealing with Criticism & haters / Depression, Anxiety, Stress / Habit forming (& breaking) / Happiness /  Health /  Inspiration & Motivation / Leadership /  Mindfulness / Money & Financial Literacy / Parenting / Relationships / Spirituality

It's been curated & created in service so please feel free to pass it on! Click here www.ThePayItForwardAcademy.com



Thank you for your time & interest

Wherever you are I wish you all the very best in these challenging & uncertain times. If there is specific support or training you'd like to discuss please email me at [email protected]
In gratitude & service - Ben x -

Grateful to be able to contribute to lives all around the world...



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