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How to easily create & share Videos, Podcasts & Web-pages

Digital Marketing skills have never been as important as in this current lockdown situation.

Below are options to learn 3 powerful & transferable skills which will help you leverage your time & efforts, save you money & help you reach your audience/s online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not need technical skills to use the cutting edge tools shared in these mini-courses. It has never been easier!

Thurs 30th April - 1 Day Video Fast-Track - LIVE online training

1 Full Day Live training with back up Support videos

How to create & distribute multiple different types of video
- the leading video creation tools
- how to easily create at least 3 different types of video (without even having to go on camera)
- top resources & tips used by the industry leaders
- how to save 1000’s in time & money with the #1 tip for 2020 & beyond. The game changer
- how to share content step by step & best practices
- live streaming best practice
If you can’t make the live event it will be recorded to replay.

50% Lockdown Special - £45

Thurs 7th May - 1 Day Podcast Creation & Sharing - LIVE online training

All day live Zoom training on how to create & share a podcast (audio content)
- how to download professional audio editing software for free
- how to record & edit audio ready for a podcast
- how to easily set up a podcast account for free on the leading platform & how to upload your audio
- how to syndicate your audio (podcast) across leading platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Google & more
- how to easily repeat the process

If you can’t make the live event it will be recorded to replay.

50% Lockdown Special - £45


Get these important & transferable digital skillsets under your belt to be able to apply to any business, project or idea immediately or in the future. Or to offer as a valuable service to others!

3 In Demand Online Mini-Courses

Learn 3 powerful & in demand skill-sets whilst on Lockdown, step by step in the convenience of your own space & time.

Create beautiful webpages

You'll be able to create stunning webpages in 20 minutes using a brilliant free tool. Your pages can include features such as video, buttons, galleries, text, photo-grids & you'll also be shown where to access to 10000's of beautiful images & videos.

Connect using your voice

New advances in technology have meant it's never been easier to create & share audio content as podcasts. You have knowledge, insights & a wealth of information at your disposal which people want to hear about. Learn how!

No need for a computer

Learn how to easily create, edit & share videos directly from your iPhone. Discover the preferred app & how to easily edit content together, add music, add text, filters & transitions & share it onto social platforms &/or by email, to stand out from the crowd.

Mini Course 1 - How to RAPIDLY Make Beautiful Webpages

Whether it's for events, a product or service, a newsletter or web-stories, learn how in under 20 minutes or less you can create visually beautiful webpages which can include videos, buttons, galleries, photo collections, text & more.

You will be able to share your creations with your worldwide audience in moments.

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* The Free Platform which makes you look like a pro-web developer
* Where to access 10,000's or beautiful royalty free images you can use in your projects
* How to access & use millions of videos in your page
* How to create stunning galleries & photo glideshows
* How to add buttons & links (eg payment buttons) to your page
* How to access & use 1000's of icons for free
* How to save & share your webpage
* Bonus: How to send audio voice messages for free.

Mini Course 2 - How to easily create & share audio content - PODCASTS

You're in for a treat! Learn how to easily create, edit & syndicate your voice recordings & / or interviews in moments. A game-changing award winning app which can be used on both your mobile device &/or computer.

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This is the easiest way to make a podcast, ever. The training & app covered will let you record a high-quality podcast, and distribute it everywhere (including Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts) – all in one place.

No fancy equipment or podcasting experience necessary, and it’s 100% free!

* Record high-quality audio, either with your device’s built-in mic or by plugging in your favorite external microphone
* Record with friends or cohosts, anywhere in the world
* Take voice messages from your listeners, and add their questions/submissions to your next episode
* Add a variety of transitions and sound effects to your podcast
* Import audio from any app on your device to use in your podcast
* Add any song from Spotify (playable on Anchor only)

* Beautiful, visual episode builder makes it easy to edit and rearrange the audio in your podcast episodes
* Trim or edit your recordings with editing tools designed specifically for podcasting
* Add flags while recording to remind yourself which parts to come back and edit or remove

* Easily distribute your podcast to all major podcast platforms (including Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts) with just one tap
* Share the permalink for any episode or segment anywhere
* Embed any episode on your own website (or embed your podcast and it’ll always play the latest episode)
* Turn any short segment (anything under 2 minutes) into an automatically transcribed, animated video!

* Track how many people hear each episode and which specific segments get the most plays
* Access even more detailed analytics on your desktop dashboard

Mini Course 3 - How to RAPIDLY Create, Edit & Share videos on iPhone

Learn the exact app & workflow Ben Brophy uses to create, edit & share videos directly from his iPhone without even touching the computer, using an industry leading FREE app & how you can then share your videos via email or social channels.

A massive time saver!

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* How to capture content
* Adding images & video to your video
* How to edit & trim your content together
* How to add audio & background music
* How to change volume levels & settings
* Adding text & titles to your video segments
* How to add filters
* How to export & share your video to different platforms
* How to send your video as an email to stand out in people's inboxes
* Bonus: How to send audio voice messages for free.

"I wish I'd met Ben Brophy years ago. He'd have saved me SO much time & money!"

Karmin Mikael
Coach, trainer & speaker

"Ben ensures you leave with trusted, up to date knowledge and information which you can put to use immediately. The time I have gained by accessing this training is simply priceless."

Janette James
Professional Educational Trainer & Expert

"Overdelivered. Eye-opening. Easily the best investment in your digital growth. In easy to follow steps, you gain practical knowledge about the top tried-and-true tools available on the market, handed to you on a silver plate by an experienced and genuinely supportive coach who cares about your progress, granting you a competitive advantage and saving you months of pointless searching online."

Dagmar Silma
International Project Co-Ordinator

"Thank you once again Ben for making what was a daunting subject so easy & straight forward. Your passion for making sure students GET the content is evident. I didn't think I'd be able to create videos, podcasts or webpages. You proved me wrong. It's easy...WHEN you know how!"

John Lovett

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Lockdown Special Pricing Options

Special Lockdown pricing to make this training accessible for all! All courses are delivered by Ben Brophy & contain easy to follow, step by step video tutorials which can be watched on any device 24/7.

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Choice of any 1 of the 3 mini-courses.

Access 24/7/365 on any device

All video access & step by step tutorials.

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Choice of any 2 of the 3 mini-courses.

Access 24/7/365 on any device

All video access & step by step tutorials.

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ALL 3 mini-courses


One off payment

Mini Course 1 - How to rapidly make beautiful & stylish webpages

Mini Course 2 - How to easily create & share audio content - podcasts

Mini Course 3 - How to Rapidly Create, Edit & Share videos on iPhone

Access 24/7/365 on any device

All video access & step by step tutorials.

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ALL 3 mini-courses
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2 monthly payments of £40

Mini Course 1 - How to rapidly make beautiful & stylish webpages

Mini Course 2 - How to easily create & share audio content - podcasts

Mini Course 3 - How to Rapidly Create, Edit & Share videos on iPhone

Access 24/7/365 on any device

All video access & step by step tutorials.

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2 payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you like it or not, online audio, video & visual is where it's at. We've already seen in Cornavirus Lockdown that those who can serve their audiences virtually via the internet are not having such a turbulent time as those who don't know how to use these tools.

Learn the very simple & easy ways you can RAPIDLY create & share audio, video & visual content - and have these digital assets working around the clock 24/7 for you!

The content is delivered online through an industry leading platform. The step by step video tutorials are created by Ben Brophy & are broken down into easy to follow small, sequential chunks.

You can access & watch the training on any device - you just need internet connection.

Of course. We stand 1000% behind everything we create & share. We never have people asking for a refund, but rest-assured all training is fully backed with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Whenever you want. All you need is connection to the internet and you can access via any device at your convenience, 24/7/365.

Absolutely. Time is your most precious (non-renewable) asset & it's with that in mind why I have created these mini-courses - to cut straight to the chase.

You can speed up (or slow) down the playback of any of the videos within the training very easily, by clicking on the cog (settings wheel) on the bottom right corner of the video player.

A word from Ben Brophy

I'm genuinely excited & privileged to have the opportunity to share some of my experience & knowledge with you.

I know these are unprecedented times so if you'd like to benefit from the training but something is preventing you, please email [email protected]  and we will work something out for you.
Most importantly please be safe, happy & well.
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