2019 - Your Best Year Yet

A FREE 3 part video series with downloadable workbook of simple tools, resources & exercises to help you create the future YOU want.

Make 2019 special. Make it YOUR Year!


Video 1: Where Are You?

Before you look towards 2019 & the year ahead, the first important exercise is to gain perspective & identify your current location by taking this holistic snapshot!


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Download your FREE Exercise Worksheets

Make this next year one of your best yet. Download &/or print off these worksheets to get the most from these videos & exercises.

Video 2: Reflecting on 2018

Taking the time to contemplate these powerful reflective questions will set you up powerfully for 2019


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Video 3: Co-Creating Your 2019

Set intentions & create exciting goals for each area of your life & accelerate their attainment with these questions & contemplations....


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REMINDER - Download your FREE Exercise Worksheets

Remember to download &/or print off these worksheets to get the most from these videos & exercises.

EXTRA BONUS: Why are YOU here?

All of us are unique & here for a specific reason. Live YOUR purpose, not someone elses. This bonus video explains a really simple & powerful concept (which is going viral) & exercise to help identify one's calling.

BONUSES - Videos & Playsheets

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We've got a wealth of goodness to share in 2019 with our international friends & family.  Want in? Simply tell us where to send it!


Bonus Video Tip!

Discover how to easily use your computer to help inspire, motivate & focus you in the direction of your goals & intentions.


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If you'd like further support!

If you'd like personal, custom support or accountability (for any area of your life)...or a special new year booster session, there are some 1:1 slots available for Jan & Feb. Below are the most common reasons people choose to invest in themselves...

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Why people choose 1:1's

Momentum & motivation

It's easy to let the small stuff get in the way of the bigger stuff. Get support & clarity to help remain motivated & build momentum!


Get perspective & clarity

Sometimes an objective set of expert eyes is all that's needed to help regain perspective & clarity & identify the next steps forward.


Confidential comraderie

There's too much judgement, gossip & hearsay in today's world! Many people appreciate having a 100% confidential sounding board.


Remain Focussed/Ontrack

Life is busy & hectic with non-stop distractions & so much clamoring for our attention. Get support to help you remain focused & on track.


Stay on the cutting edge

There are new tools, techniques & resources coming out by the month. Stay on the front foot & leading edge to help reap the benefits.


95% more likely to succeed!

It's proven that with ACCOUNTABILITY you're 95% more likely to succeed if you have follow up calls with the person to whom you commit!


WHY should anyone invest in further support?

This is the statistical probability of achieving your goals:

- 10% if you have an idea

- 50% if you make a plan to do it

- 65% if you promise someone else you will do it

- 95% if you have a specific accountability appointment with the person to whom you commit

Source: American Society for Training & Development www.astd.org


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